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Embassy report: Russian visa in Astana

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:58 am
by saule
Please read and post reports on the the embassy of Russia in Astana below.

Another forum topic collects reports on the Russian visa in Almaty.

We summarize all info on the Russia visa page.

See here if you are still in need of a letter of invitation for your Russian visa.

Infos on Russian Visa in Kazakhstan / Turkmenistan Transit

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:21 pm
by niconico79
since i was thankful to several infos on this site, heres some first hand experiences.

Russian Visa in Kazakhstan.
Today, 25.6.13 we received a 10 day transit visa in Astana.
Same Day Service, 13900 Tenge.
Waited around 3 hours in front of the Embassy. Very nerveracking, but rewarding in the end.
Theres rumors that the Russians are about to set new regulations: you'll only get a Visa (Tourist or Transit) if you are staing a minimum of 90 days in Kazakhstan. Hopefully it will not become true.
Also met people who managed to get Tourist or Transit Visa in Almaty. The Almaty Embassy is very very very difficult.

Turkmenistan Visa Experience, May 2013
Took the ferry from Baku, perfect timing, but then: 4 full days stuck in front of Turkmenbashi...Arrived in Turkmenbashi with 24 hours left for the Transit to Uzbekistan.
With a lot of support from the Consul of Turkmenistan in Geneva we managed to get an Exit Visa ( 3 full extra days) the next day in Ashgabat on the Migration Department.
Dont speculate on it, but its possible!
It took a lot of hustling and stubborn claiming, but it worked. Only thanks to a very helpful ambassador though. Make sure to have a Turkmen speaking support if you are aiming at visa extension!

Re: Russian transit visa in Astana

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:00 am
by saule
Report from 2 overlanders:

Transit visa to Russia in Astana was very easy. Just handed in the filled in form with a photo attached. We told him we had a car and he took a copy of the car papers. The embassy only opens Tuesday and Thursday ( 15:30-17:30) We applied on Thursday and it was ready on Tuesday. In front of us were 2 Americans ( also no problem) a Australian ( no problem) and behind us a Turkish and Italian. ( we also saw them on Tuesday at pick up time, but not sure if all went well for both of them)

Re: Embassy report: Russian visa in Astana

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:22 pm
by TerryCan
Another first hand experience: we got our transit visum yesterday. 1 day turnaround (express)

Like above. The Russian Embassy opens 15:30 on tuesday and thursday. Be there BEFORE 15:30. You have to register with an officer at the white booth first. Give your passport(s) and tell him "Russian visa". Ours didnt speak English very well but he was very nice.

At 15:30 you can ring the bell at the gate. Someone will answer. Just tell them again "Russian visa". Dont expect him to speak English. Two options: you can go in right away or you'll have to wait.

When it's your time, you go in. There's a first door, go through the metal detector. Give your passports to the man behind the glass. He'll let you through to the next room. You'll have to put your backpack in a locker before you can go in.

Once inside you go right. It's desk 4 for visa applications. The person behind the desk speaks very good English. Give the filled in application and all needed documents. We asked for 2 days and he gave us 5.

After the application you have to pay. 70€ per person for express (1 day turnaround) 30€ regular (would've taken 5 days). Go to the lady at the reception. Make sure you have the equivalent of above in Tenge with you. They accept VISA and MASTERCARD but it didn't work when we were there. You'll get a receipt.

Pick up was the same process. Register in the white booth, ring the bell. Give the receipt and get your passport.

Best visa related experience so far.