Chengdu: Chinese visa extension reports

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Re: Chengdu: Chinese visa extension reports

Post by Elfi555 »

Update : gave me 29 days instead of 30, guy before me got 4 days of extention. 160 rmb, only chinese bank card accepted, no help with payment, in fact didn't even mention that your only option of payment is to look and beg other people with chinese bank card to pay for you, she just looked silently at me saying shortly :only chinese bank card and mentioning nothing of this way out in payment, taking pleasure at you being confused. Horrible communication, finished processing my passport, and didn't hand it to me over, just put my passport besides her on the corner of the table from her side and started processing next 3 clients. I waited a while in a loss until i decided to ask if she is finished processing it, she said in annoyence, yes, i had to bend over across her wide desk to get it myself, she on purpose didn't hand it over to me. She yelled at the guy behind me, openly hostile, openly hating foreigners. Gets pleasure in insulting and humiliating foreigners. (girl at payment counter, in blue linses) Avoid this office as a bad dream.
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Re: Chengdu: Chinese visa extension reports

Post by BakuBound »

"Gets pleasure in insulting and humiliating foreigners."

To be fair, there's a certain type of bureaucrat that treats Chinese people this way as well.

By the way, if you want to use domestic QR codes for payment -- like everyone in China does these days -- you can look into the Alipay Tour Pass.
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