Shiraz visa extension

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Re: Shiraz visa extension

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the visa extension process in Shiraz below.

We summarize all info in the Iran visa extension page.
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Shiraz visa extension

Post by Christophe »


I got two visa extensions in Shiraz and Esfahan, and situation changed slightly compared to last reports. So I give you the last news:


January 2015

1 or 2 days before current visa expiration.
Extension added after the last day of the current visa
I was given only 14 days of extension, instead of 30. Bargaining with relevant arguments was helpless. Same for a German guy the same day.
A Spanish guy got 16 days, bargaining hard.
A German couple got 30 days...
So, an advice: go one day before your visa end, and if they don't give you 30 days, try next day to Esfahan (Bus very frequent, around 4 to 5€).

شاهیجان, (Shahijan but Google maps gives bad indication with latin written name of the street) Shiraz, Entrance after a green wall on the street connecting Modarres Boulevard on east pavement side, 300m from the Valiasr Square)

COST and DOCUMENTS: (they will tell you)
300,000Rials (7€; 9$) Transfer at the Melli Bank
5000Rials (0.12€; 0.14$): Form
2 Photo
Photocopy of passport: identity page, visa page, extensions page
Bank receipt (no photocopy required)

In the form, you have to give an hotel address. Prepare it and learn it by heart (if you don't stay at the hotel like me. Relax, they are to busy to check). After you filled the form, they will ask you to tell, without reading, the information, as your hotel, your job.

Time of procedure: 4hours


January 2015

1 or 2 days before current visa expiration. But I got it 12 days before as I was crying... Other French/Argentin couple got it 10days before.
People very very very friendly !
Extension added after the last day of the current visa
I was given 30 days.
French/Argentin also 30days

Advice: arrive at 7am, there is no one, you can bargain. At 8am, it is crowded...

Rudaki, Esfahan (Or Roodaki. North side of the street, 460m west from the junction with Vahid street)

COST and DOCUMENTS: (they will tell you)
300,000Rials (7€; 9$) Transfer at the Melli Bank
7000Rials (0.15€; 0.19$): 3 Forms (prepare hotel name and address)
2 Photo
Photocopy of passport: identity page, visa page, extensions page (photocopy shop right in the opposite of the Immigration Police opens early)
Bank receipt (no photocopy required)

Time of procedure: 6 hours (internet disconnection problem...)
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Re: Iranian Visa Extension

Post by DiesDiemSofie »

We've recently tried extending our Iranian visas in three cities.
Here's what we took away:


They weren't willing to extend our visa before we get within the last 5 days of our current visa.


They weren't willing to extend our visa before we get within the last 1 day of our current visa.
We had 6 days left at this point and we couldn't persuade them. The Shiraz office is under huge pressure because of migrant issues and the head dude is only willing to deal with tourist stuff, if he has to. (Someone in the office let us know while apologising.) They directed us to Yazd.


It was super easy, super pleasant. They spoke good English and were very helpful.
(The chief was on holiday that day, they apologised and asked us back for the next day. Otherwise it's a 1-hour process.)
We had 5 days on our visa at this point and went very smoothly. We suggest you go there early in the morning, between 7 and 8, it worth it, after 8 it gets very busy and they get less friendly. :)
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Re: Iranian Visa Extension

Post by Karoutcho »


We tried in Shiraz, and we just got rejected this morning, because we have still 5 days left on our visa.
He told us we have time to go to Yazd. We told him we were by bicycle, his answer : even if it's two or three days after the end of the visa, it's OK.
... I wouldn't trust him on that if we have to show our passeport to some policemen on the road...
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Iranian Visa Extension shiraz 2

Post by Chris »

Update on Shiraz:

I got the first extension there today, on my last day of the orginal 30-day visa. The office (located at 29.60554°N 52.56170°E) opened at 8am. I got there at 7.15, but there's not much point in being there that early - until 8 there were about 20-30 people, and once the door is open there's no line anymore. So best to got there just before 8am - they were very quick anyways to process all first requests.

There is a copyshop on site and they tell you exactly what you need (1 copy of passport, visa & entry stamp + 2 photos, also available at the copy shop if needed). First I had to discuss the duration of the extension with the manager, he said 15 days is the absolute maximum he can give. I managed to get one day more so that my visa is valid now until the day before my (pending) Turkmenistan visa would start. One of the officers said overstaying for 1 or 2 days is no problem...

I paid 365.000 Rials at the Mellia Bank, plus 50.000 Rials for the file, forms & documents at the copyshop. It was enough to state the name of the hostel.

Everyone was friendly & helpful, the manager reserved but polite. It took until 11am for everything, but then I had the extension in my passport (no need to come back another day).
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Shiraz visa extension

Post by ave-phil »

I am a Ukrainian hitch-hiking traveller. At 22.07.2017 I've got my visa extension in Shiraz. So how it was.
I come to the office at 8:30 and was asked to pay 345 000 rials in nearest Melli bank on Valiasr street. From the visa extension place you have to go in direction to the city centre and astimatelly after 300 meters you will see Melli bank department. Also I was asked for how long I want to get the extension. When I asked for 1 month they asked my itinerary.
In Melli bank you have to take you receipt number for queue in the receipt machine right in the entrecne on the right side.
For the payment I was asked to fill in the form in Farsi wich I can't do and some kind old man wich was after me in the queue. I dont inow why the bank worker didn't do that.
I was waiting in the queue for 35 minutes. I think if you can come earlier than 8:30 to the visa extension department it would be faster for you.
Than I got back to the same oficer and he told me to make a photocopy of my pasport page with previous extension. You can make it on the teritory of the office but the queues a quite long. When I got back to the oficer he asked me to take a rose colour folder and two forms in the place where I was making a photocopy. I dont understand why he didnt tell me about everithing in one time.
Then he filled the forms instead of me. He asked the name of the hotel I'm staying but he didnt want to know tha adress. And also he asjed about my job. After the forms was filled he said that someone will intervuew me after 20 minutes because I'm extending my visa second time. But after 40 minutes nobody came to interview me and the oficer told me to came to take the my pasport after two hours.
In the result they extend my visa from the day of applying, not from the day of expiring previous extension. Luckily I come to the office on the previous day of expiration.

To sum up:
1. I would not recomend Shiraz as a place to extende your visa.In Shiraz according to my experience, the process isn't organised as well as in Tehran. Month ago I made extension in Tehran and it was supper easy and quick. All the process took 30 minutes. Not half of the day like in Shiraz.
2. You need 2 pasport photoes, photocopy of the first page of the pasport and photocopy of your iranian visa. If you are extending your visa second time you need photocopy of your previous extension. You can do all of that on the teritory of the office but I would recomend you to make it beforehead. It is quicker.
3. "I need to extend my visa" - in farsi will be "Man visa tamdid mihoham".
4. Be confident when you are speaking with officer. Say that you are mechanical engineer (mohandes mekanik) or IT programmer. Remember the name and the adress of any hotel in Shiraz. I dont have any work and I was sleaping in tent on the pedestrian pass of the Azadi (freadom) park and having shower in the wash bowl of the public WC in the park. But I was confident and didnt hesitate so I get my extension.
5. Dont take anyone to help you. Dont take a bike or big backpack with you. Be like a usual tourist.
Good luck!
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Iranian Visa Extension shiraz

Post by laghubhara »

On 21/08/2018, we (German couple) extended our visa for Iran in Shiraz. We wanted to extend it on 22/08/2018, but luckily realized beforehand that all government offices would be closed due to Eid. We entered Iran on 25/07/2018 and are still not sure when our visa really would have expired, but 22/08/2018 was a holiday and immediately after that there was a weekend, so the officers in Shiraz did not protest too much against our wish for an extension.
We asked for 7 days and got 10 days.

We arrived at 07:15am, the office opened at 07:30am. The whole process took 3 hours and brought to mind some scenes from Zootopia. (Especially loved the moment when one official took ten minutes out of his busy workday to not only cut one passport picture out of a sheet of 8, but just cut all of them apart. Thanks, dude.)
  • We were first sent to Melli Bank to pay 345 000 Rials per person (they gave us a slip which we didn't have to write ourselves). It's ~15 minutes by foot (
  • They do not accept passport pictures without hijab for women. :roll: There is a very nice photo studio approximately here:,52.559271 They really tried to make me look nice :D It was 300 000 Rials. They apparently also do photos on the area of the passport office where you pick up the pink folder (a metal cage), but we realized that too late.
  • We had photocopies of our passports and visa pages, they were black and white. These were accepted.
  • We also paid 50 000 Rials for the pink folders with the forms in it.
  • We had to give the name of our hotel and it was super complicated to explain. They also insisted on a phone number, which was difficult to give, as you have to surrender your cellphone at the entrance. Best to bring a card from the hotel, they repeatedly asked for one.
  • They also did the thing where they asked our jobs back once we filled the form. They were looking for translations. Musician and Programmer are okay jobs ;)
Why it took so long? Not sure, but we talked to pretty much every single person in the office. It's a very tiring process where you get sent from person A to B to get some stamp and then person C, who does nothing and sends you somewhere else... Bring enough time!
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Re: Shiraz visa extension

Post by FloorH »

Hi all,

Let me update you on my adventures at the Immigration Office in Shiraz, 21-01-2019, Dutch girl, 28 years.

This was my second extention. I arrive at 7:30, they open at 08:00. They take my phone and check the bag. Police officers take pity on me or just like some variety between the Afghans and help me to the front of the line. Officer checks my papers and signs a form. With the form I go to the payment office. I don't have a card, officers ask another guy to pay for me, I pay him (345.000 rial). With the receipt I go to a counter where they give you forms in a pink file you have to fill in (30.000 rial). Until here it goes really well and fast.

BUT THEN: guy comes up to me and tells me it will take 2 to 3 days because it's my second extention. "Why?" "Because it's your second extention." It's now 9:30.

Next step: Officer brings me to different room. A guy there would interview me but he's busy and asks me to come back at 11:30. He keeps the pink file, visa and passport.

11:30: Weirdest interview ever. He asks me about my youth, education, hobbies, brother, my opinion about Sunni and Shia islam and how to solve the Afghan immigrant problem, gives me tea and cake. He sais: "All these questions are meant to make your stay here as good as possible." I tell him one of the reasons for my extention is my health: i visited many doctors. That is true. I take my chances and bluf that I need my visa fast (today) to go to Tehran.

13:00: Interview ended. He promises to ask to make haste with the extention. Another guy has to check all the information I just gave. Maybe tomorrow? I say today would be better. Ok. I have to come back at 14:00.

14:00: visa is ready. 30 days.

Advise: as the travellers before have advised, bring enough time. Be patient and friendly, know some Iranian words, stand out, look helpless, make officers think "why is she still here?" so that they ask and pull strings. Good luck kids.
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Re: Shiraz visa extension

Post by Jacksparrow »

I did a second extension in Shiraz quite easily even tough i could not get it sooner than two days.
They opened the door at around 8:40. After filling paperwork, paying the bank and copying my passport i was taken for a interview similar as described in previous report.
I had written some random hostels on a paper to show him "where i sleep" but on my surprise he asks why dont i couchsurf. Generally the interview guy is really friendly and its quite relaxed chat with him as he is interested in many cultures and religions. Later i asked them to give me back my passport so i could "go to hotel" and they did.
After two days i came back and gave them my passport witch they stamped in one hour.
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Valentin willy
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Re: Shiraz visa extension

Post by Valentin willy »

I went to the office four days after my visa was expired. I had to pay a fine around 4$ per day in rials at the bank plus the price of extension. I came back to the office after going to the melli bank. The guy is very friendly and offers me tea and dates while waiting one hour. I leave the same day with my extension.
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