Kunming: Chinese visa extension reports

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Re: Kunming: Chinese visa extension reports

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Kanter wrote:Hello,

I am currently travelling to Kunming by bus, and I would like to extend my visa. I am supposed to go to Dali, Lijiang and Shangri La in next few days. I have an issue: time !

Even 3 working days in Lijiang is huge for me, as I only have 13 more days in China, during this process is it allowed to leave city ? For example from Lijiang to Tigers Leap Gorge or I need to stay downtown ?

If my request is rejected, I waste 3 days...

For Lijiang, sorry but I did not find any details of required documents here so was it needed ?

There is no specific section for Lijiang I think so here is my report:

- French passport, initial visa L 30 days, simple entry
- Applied for extension 8 days before current visa end
- I had prepared and they kept:

1/ Excel file printed with, for each additonal day, accomodation's name and address, city and activities

2/ Booking of plane ticket for leaving china

I also had printed all my booking.com accomodation booking, they did not care.

- Need to ne registred, my hostel did it for sure but it seems there are 2 different systems and they did not find me. Said I had to go to police office. When I came back after 1 hour with photos (see here under), I shew them a screenshot sent by hostel and guy said: "Why didn't you go to police office, do what we said you to do", but I said it was far and I was sure I was registred. Finally he took accomodation's name and it was ok

- 160 RMB fee (cash)

- Need to go to a photo studio 10 min walk from PSB office, to get an numerised photo for 30 yuan, guy gives you a receipt to give to PSB, and original photos (useless)
Adress is on Maps me, search for: Liz show ID photo studio

Applied Monday 11th at 4 PM
Picked up passport Wednesday 13th at 8:30 AM
(3 false working days)

PS: said the official document they give you as a passport is sufficient for travelling but dont know till where
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