Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

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Re: Get into Azerbaijan the cheap way.(And out expensive)

Post by steven »

Interesting stuff! I think leaving the car in customs before boarding the ferry is standard procedure, we also left it there for most of the day before we left on the ferry 2 years ago.
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Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by cyclolenti »

15 June 2015
Just to say that to get the Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi it took more than 12 days. Apparentelly they process the visa requests according to the date of entrance in the country. So if you apply today but you planned to enter the Azerbaijan country in 15days they will get ready the visa only few days before the date specifyed. So better to plan the travel in a different way if You don't want to spent 15 days in the capital waiting.

Another info. They will tell to call to know if the visa will be ready or not. But none answer the telephone which force You to come back there to have update about your visa. In order to have someone answering after dialing the number for english language You should dial the extension 212
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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by weltentrotter.de »

We got our 30 day visa in Tbilisi today (german passport). The things didn't change since last year.
Documents required: passport, copy of passport, 2 pictures, copy of hotel reservation (booking.com, we canceled it later).
We had a copy of our travel health insurance, but they didn't ask for.
Costs 35 € each, to pay at the JSC International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia in Lari (E 41.68623°, N 44.83026°).
Hope is useful.
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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by felix.lenzing »

@ weltentrotter.de
How many days did u wait to get the visa?

I've been there today and the staff told me something about up to 7 working-days and they kept my passport..
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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by cyclelust »

We applied for 30 day visa on Thursday morning and could collect the visa Wednesday morning. It seems that it was quit busy this week, so maybe you could also get it faster at other times. Processing seems to be pretty much the same as before. Application form (2 times, they only keep one, so maybe one is enough), passport, copy of passport, 2 pictures, copy of hotel reservation. If you ask nicely, they will give you back your passport.
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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by BackroadVagrants »

Hey there,

applied on August 5th and got the visa issued August 15th. 7 working days processing time as promised. Friendly and straightforward. No LOI, just a booking.com confirmation for 21 nights. Issued 30 days nevertheless.

Full report also here: http://backroadvagrants.com/travel-guid ... n-tbilisi/

Anna & Heiner
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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by tirana2Beijing »

We applied for a 30 day tourist visa in Tbilisi (Dutch passport and Albanian passport).

Documents required:
- Passport copy
- 2 pictures
- Application form collected and filled in directly at the embassy
- Booking.com reservation (printed)

They will keep your passport at the embassy while processing the visa.

We applied on Tuesday and the Albanian passport (20 dollars) received the visa on Friday and the Dutch passport (35 euro) received the visa on Monday.

The people working at the embassy are helpful and the process is straightforward. The bank for the payment is on the other side of the river around 20 minutes walk (one way) or around 8 Lari by taxi (both ways and waiting time).

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Re: Embassy report: Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Post by Mobydick »

We are two brothers traveling oveland from Barcelona, therefore we have a Spanish passport.
We know most of the people do it online these days, but because we wanted to get our transit visa we went to the embassy.
Turn out they are not allowed to give any transit visas no more!
So we were left with two choices, do it online or do it there;
Online it’s needed three working days, we were aplying on wednesday, so that would mean to wait until tuesday to enter Azerbaijan. In the embassy they told us the same story, dough after some talking and insisting seemed like he could do it for Friday ( at the end he couldn’t so we had to wait until Monday)
Price wise we had to pay 35€ for each visa at the embassy, and some one told us they pay 16€ in internet, we didn’t find such a price on the e-visa, and we were in a hurry anyway. And just in front the embassy there is little office where you can get the e-visa done in three hours for 85$...
We gave our documents; passport ( that we keep with us for other visas applications) fotocopy of the passport, 1 picture each, and a filled form that we collected there. We had to book an hotel for the first night and print it out as well ( you can free cancel it after).
All quite eficient and relax embassy. They started the prosses with thous papers, and send us during the lunch break to the bank to do the payment. Quite far away, we payed with GEL (you can also pay in Euro or by card, better GEL dough), they gave us the receipt ( one of them was wrong and we had to go back, so check them well).

All in all 1photo, passaport photocopy, 35€ (pay at the bank), hotel booking and printed, and fill up the form that they give you.
30 min. Prosses ( + the bank trip) / applying on Wednesday- picking up on Monday.
Opening hours 10-12:30(applying)/16-17:30(picking up)
Embassy address: 4 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, Tbilisi, Geòrgia

For further information, we update our full report on our web site; http://mobydickaroundtheworld.com/azerbaijan-visa/
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