Transit Visa for Belarus in Bishkek

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Transit Visa for Belarus in Bishkek

Post by pat201 »

Hello Everyone!

I'm planning to go from Almaty to Berlin by train and still need the Visa for Belarus and Russia. As far as I read here and on other websites, it's not possible to get a Transitvisa for Belarus in Almaty. That's why I thought, I could maybe get it in Bishkek. Does anyone have experiences with that? Do I have to go there personally or could I give a friend a mandate to go there for me?

Thank you!
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Re: Transit Visa for Belarus in Bishkek

Post by Milad »

I don't know about Bishkek; but if everything else fails, it should be easy in Moscow, that's where most people get it.
Edit: That's only going to work with a Russian tourist, not transit, visa, as you'd need to be prepared to spend 2 days in Moscow. Your other options are going via Ukraine or Latvia.
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Re: Transit Visa for Belarus in Bishkek

Post by Granite2018 »

Hi Pat, not sure if this is still any use to you, but I (EU citizen) applied for my Belarus visa in Bishkek today. Initially they were a bit puzzled and tried to push me towards flying in and out of Minsk (thus getting 30 day visa free). I explained that because of cost, I wanted to cross overland. Then they told me I had to apply in my home country but after explaining that I won't be home before my Belarus trip and that I get 60 day visa free in Kyrgyzstan, they relented.

Cost for all visa categories is 60 Euro, payable in SOM. Processing is fast, applied today and was told to come back on Tuesday.
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