Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by hh2sg »

We just got our visas yesterday (Wed 13 Mar) after three days of going to the embassy.

Day 1 (Mon 11 Mar): Went to the embassy with all the recommended documents written in the posts above. We arrived slightly after 10am. A guy in the main room asked us to wait at the last counter on the left side of the room, which opened shortly after. The officer only asked for our passports (he did not even look at our Grant Notice), which he took to check, and then returned to us together with the application form and bank slip, which we had to take to the TBC Bank to make payment. He told us to return the next day at 10am with our passports, one passport photo each, and completed application form.

German: 50 eur
Singaporean: 50 eur

Day 2 (Tue 12 Mar): We arrived slightly before 10am. At 10am, the door at the front of the room opened and an officer (different from the first day) asked us to come in. He took our bank payment confirmation slips, passports, one passport photo each, and completed application forms, and asked us to return the next day at 10am. We asked if we could come later the same day but it was not possible.

Day 3 (Wed 13 Mar). We arrived at 10am. A guy in the main room asked us to wait at the last counter on the left side of the room again, which opened shortly after. The officer (same as the second day) asked us for our nationality, and then gave us our passports and the iran e-visa as a separate sheet of paper (no stamp or sticker in passport).

We were expecting the process to take 1-2 days but it appears that it may now need 3 days. We met a Spanish and a Japanese tourist at the embassy at the same time and everyone needed the same 3 days. The Japanese guy's payment slip also said 20 eur.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by SHappe »

The speed of bureaucracy. That's a shame. I did find when we went to do our visas, the guy said to come back the next day with the passports, payment form, etc etc. I said we could do it today, and he was like 'oh.' We went to the bank and popped back in later on the same day, and he was okay with it - not thrilled, but okay.

Unfortunately we still had to pick everything up the following day.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by Foodinmybugs »

I got my visa today within 2 hours! Altogether, that was quite a smooth process.

German national.

Applied via Evisa system on 30 March. Received Email with status update on 7 April.

Arrived at the embassy today (Monday) at 10:40. Phone had to be left with security.
Waiting room was a bit busy and chaotic. No info in English. Left window was free though as described. After verifying my info using my passport, the consul handed me the TBC payment slip and another application form and told me I could come the same day before 12, if I made the payment with the bank (TBC branch only).

Payment at bank was smooth, and the woman there even made the passport copy for me.

When returning to the embassy 30 minutes later, I had to wait another 10 minutes and at 12:05 I received my evisa on paper (and also via email).

Documents needed:
- Printed grant notice
- Passport
- Copy of passport
- Payment receipt (given at TBC branch)
- Hand filled application form (given at the embassy)
- 1 passport photo

Paid: 50 EUR at TBC branch (5 minutes by bicycle)

Time spent: < 1.5 hours

Note: This was my second application via the Evisa system after my last try in Istanbul (September 2018) had failed after staying in the "waiting for verification" state for 30 days.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by gwenstion »

No problems getting the visa :)

I got my grant notice via the agency key2persia.com. Everything went really smoothly and Zahra was super helpful. Because of Iranian new year, I had to wait for 1,5 weeks to get the GN, but usually you will recieve it after 1-3 working days.

I then went to the embassy on 10 April. I was there at 10am and as others already described had to go to the very left window (not the one, which most of the Iranians are waiting for). So even though there already quite a few people, I only had to wait for around 5 minutes.
The man behind the counter was nice and spoke English very well. He just asked for my passport, checked if the GN had arrived, and handed me out a form to fill out and a paper, which I then had to take to TBC bank to pay the fee of 50€ (I'm a German citizen).

After making the payment and filling out the form (you need to put one Iranian adress/phone number, I used the adress of a hotel, where I booked for my first two nights) I went back to the embassy at 12:00. Those are the things I needed to submit then:
-once copy of the passport
-filled form with one photo
-proof of insurance
-payment proof from TBC Bank

I was also told to bring the printed Grant Notice and a second photo. I didn't need those things, but it surely can't hurt to have them with you - better safe than sorry ;)

5 minutes later I was handed out my passport and my e-visa on a seperate piece of paper.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by helen »

I (German woman) got my Iran visa this week by following what people have written here.

1. Got the verification code through the e-visa website (http://e_visa.mfa.ir/en/). Completed on April 5 (Friday), visa was granted on April 8 (Monday).
2. DAY 1 TBILISI (for me: April 15): Headed to the embassy in the morning (open 9:00 - 12:30) around 09:30. You leave your phone with the friendly guard at the check-in and use the window to the left inside the embassy building. The embassy guy gave me the form and the address of the bank where I could pay 50€ (TBC bank, 3 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi 0179; https://goo.gl/maps/7aMiooh7mzz). Went to the bank by bus 61 right in front of the embassy, paying took a few minutes, returned by bus 61, completed my form. The guard even gave me some tape to fix my picture to the application form.
Left my passport and handed in the following documents to the guy behind the left window inside the embassy:
--> application form with one picture (no headscarf)
--> passport copy
--> proof I paid the 50€
(He didn't ask for health insurance or my itinerary but it's probably a good idea to have them.)
3. DAY 2 TBILISI (for me: April 16): Picked up my passport & the visa the next morning. Visa comes on a separate sheet of paper, so there's no stamp or sticker in your passport.

The process was pretty straightforward and the people working at the embassy friendly. Thanks for the great advice here!
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by MerijnM »

Visited the embassy in Tbilisi this week.
We (two Dutch guys) requested the authorisation code via the Carvanistan link. I can really recommend this service (Thanks Zahra!). With the authorisation letter, our passport, copy passport (black-white), medics insurance proof and 2 photos we went to the embassy on Wednesday 17th April. No queues, no hard questions, relax atmosphere! The embassy employee gave me the payment instructions paper. Went to the bank to pay the 50 EUR per person. I was under the assumption that this would take me approximately 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately the register process at the TBC Bank took me 1,5 hrs (??). Asked her why but she could give me a proper explanation. Because of this I was not able to return to the embassy on time (before 12:30 PM). So I went to the embassy again (2 days later, closed on Thursdays) on Friday 19th April at 09 AM. We submitted the proof of payment together with the other documents and it took them around 15 minutes to process our visa. Around 09:45 AM we were ready to go! If you passing Georgia and need to apply for the Iranian visa, Tbilisi is definitely a good place to do this. Cheers!
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by CollectingStones »

We received our visa today in 2 hours. Smooth sailing all the way thanks to all the advise here. We started at 9u30.

Procedure is still the same as described above:
1) Get the TBC payment paper in the embassy
2) Pay at the TBC-office down the road (CASH only: Lari/euro/dollar)
3) Submit all papers at the embassy:
- Passport
- Copy of Passport (Black white is ok)
- 1 photo
- Proof of insurance (they only check it briefly)
- Proof of payment of the TBC-bank
- Filled in Application form
4) Wait 15-30 minutes: receive e-visa paper

Cost (Belgian nationality): 75€/person for same day processing. 50€/person if we come back the next working day.

Dresscode: casual is ok but we didn't want to stand out so we both wore long pants. And as a woman I wore long sleeves as well. Head scarve is not necessairy.

Thanks for al the info!
And good luck to the ones behind us!
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by Rübezahl »

I received my Iran Visa in Tiblisi in may 10th. I am German Citizen. I applied for the E-Visa and got the confirmation already the next day. My partner is Taiwanese Citizen (R.O.C.), she got refused on the same day. No idea why, most probably her nationality. They told her to apply on the traditional way (Get the code from agency). Anyway, for me:

Day 1: Apply the E-Visa

Day 2: Get the Confirmation

Day 3: Go to the embassy. I arrived just a little before 12, but it was fine. I didn't need to wait, although there were many people in the room. I figure they had other issues, so i could just go to the window on the left and show the my passport. I got the visa form, a piece of paper with the bank information (Everything in Georgian, but the bank is just the down the main road, took me five minutes cycling...) and he told me to fill in the form and bring a copy of the passport, copy of my insurance, payment notice, and 1 photo.
At the bank they didn't accept my Visa Card, i had cash, so no problem, but just so you know.

Day 4: Embassy was closed (Thursday, i believe).

Day 5: Got there around 10, again, after few minutes got asked inside of the office. One Employee took all my papers and had a very brief look at it (Like, he didn't check it very thoroughly. For example i don't think he realized my insurance statement was completely in german.), he handed me my e-visa pretty immediately.

Cost was 50€

So for my partner, it was a different story. She got a Number from an agency, and got her visa one week later in Yerevan. We might write a report about it in the other forum. But just to say: Although she got rejected, it was no problem, to apply through the traditional way, just one or two days later. So you might as well gonna try the E-Visa first, if you are not in a hurry.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by Campfire »

We are currently in Tbilisi and preparing to enter Iran in a couple of weeks.
We want to get our visa here in Tbilisi. Do all family members have to be present when applying at the embassy or can one family member with all passports handle this?
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Post by dalec.si »

We (2 Slovenians) in Tbilisi in June:

Applied for E-Visa, got rejected 2 days later. We didnt mention car and we selected that we want to pick it up in Tbilisi.
Message: "Go through tour agency"

Contacted agency through caravanistan link. Next day we already got E-visa grant approved.

Tbilisi: Went to Iran embassy, friendly people. Counter on the right side, gave them documents. They asked for insurance, we had it. They said 75€ if we want it same day, or 50€ next working day. We got also letter to pay at bank.
We came back 2 days later (they werent open on thursday) and got visa in 30 minutes. No questions asked.
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