Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Campfire » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:09 pm

Embassy Report Tbilisi, Georgia

Family of four, 2 adults, 2 children (1y / 4y)
All Dutch nationality (Netherlands).

Aug. 14 - Applied for authorisation code online.
Received confirmation of application through email immediately.

Aug. 16 - Went to the embassy without waiting for the approval of e-visa. We heard some reports that this worked. Not for us unfortunately. We were kindly requested to come back once we received approval email.

Aug. 18 - Received approval email for 3 family members. (in spam folder)

Aug. 19 - Received rejection email for 1 family member.
"Reason for rejection:
Request through a commercial host or tourist agency."
This was the only family member with a different last name, not sure if this is related.

Aug. 20 - Went to the embassy but it was closed for unknown reason (on a Tuesday).
Contacted agent through Caravanistan website to apply for the rejected family member.

Aug. 21 - Got reply from agent with request for itinerary for the entire journey through Iran. We didn't have one so we made something up, with hotels. Proof of reservation not needed.
Got reply the same day that agent will apply for the visa grant notice. This was on a Wednesday. MFA is not working on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so we knew it would take a couple of days.

Aug 25 - Got approval of the visa request through the agent via email.

Aug 26 - Went to the embassy again to apply for the visa now with all four evisa requests approved.
Were called to the window after a 5 min. wait. Handed our passports and waited another 5 minutes. Then got the payment instruction for TBC bank. Walked to the bank (20 min) down the street. Got payment arranged in 10 minutes. Took a taxi back to the embassy (5 GEL, 5 min).
I had downloaded and filled in the application forms from the Internet (don't remember where).
But these forms were refused. They were slightly different than the forms they had. Filled in the proper forms and handed in the forms with one photo for each family member, passports, copies of passports and proof of insurance. They specifically asked for the insurance but didn't care it was all in Dutch. I asked them to check if I did everything correctly. They checked and confirmed it was all OK. Then they said the visa would be ready on Friday (today was Monday). I looked surprised and said I thought it would take one day. He frowned at me, talked shortly with his colleague and then said;"Tomorrow, 12 o clock." I looked very happy and thanked them multiple times. I repeated his "tomorrow 12 o clock". He answered with "inshallah". We both smiled and then we left.

Later that afternoon we already got the confirmation emails with our visa as pdf's.
Strangely father and son got the requested 90 days. Mother and daughter got 30 days.

Aug 27 - Again to the embassy. This time to pick up the visa. We arrived quarter to twelve. It was very busy but after a short wait we were called to the window. The guy behind the window asked for our passports. I smiled and answered that they had our passports 😊. He went to get them and handed over the visa and passports. He wished us a pleasant trip.
I asked why two of us got 90 days and two of us got 30 days. I said I didn't understand this. He replied that he didn't understand it either. We both laughed and than we left.

All in all it went pretty smooth. Everybody at the embassy was friendly and helpful. The little mysteries of the rejection and different visa lengths add to the adventure 😀.
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