Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Chris » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:48 am

Just reread your question regarding insurance: if you have a usual travel insurance with worldwide coverage that's all you need. They didn't look into detail, the standard certificate which states your name, policy number and dates of validity was what I provided.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Alex » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:38 pm

In Georgia I'll stay in Batumi (so go to Tbilisi, apply, go back to Batumi then back to Tbilisi to collect the visa).

I've just remembered that in 25 it starts the Eid 😂 so, some more days+. Trabzon no way, the Eid in Turkey is one week.

I'll apply in Batumi with an MFA code if I'll find a way to do it, or without. After 15 I could pay with my paypa but currently my card is blocked for "security reasons" 🤦‍♂️ but I'll rather wait 5 days to see if I can make it without in Batumi.

I'll post on the topic what's happening
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Alex » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:45 pm

Applying tomorrow but I'm a bit scared.

I've applied for the LOI with Key2Persia (PTA) and due to the Eid took a little more to arrive.
Yesterday I've got the email, with an attachment of the E-Visa. So, practically, they filled for the e-visa. Okay. Dunno how it was in the past with the LOI but felt a bit meh, I could do it too.

The biggest issue is the name. In the attachment I saw I have one, instead of two, First Name (I have two, both as first name. Stupid, I know. Not my fault ). At least is the one which I'm using it. Even if I sent them the form correct and a passport scan, how can they do this?

Sooo, let's see tomorrow. If they will deny my application because of the name everything will be ruined. I can't wait again, nor I don't want to pay again. I have some plans, and the timing is very important. :( and can't settle again two weeks in Batumi to wait for the LOI, apply, etc. and in Izmir (my next destination) there's no consulate. Nor in Diyarbakir. Just in Erbil.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Alex » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:29 am

Very smooth service in Tbilisi. Monday they didn't had internet to check my evisa so I went yesterday.
Evisa letter (or LOI with RN)
One photo
50€ at tbc bank (Romanian passport)

No copies of the passport needed.

No supplementary questions (especially because I'll enter by road from Turkey and exit from IKA, and I've checked by mistake thinking about the next destination "if in transit I declare I have proper visa for next country"

Today at 12:00 picked up my passport with 30 days visa. One day service, so cool. Friendly stuff. And the embassy building its nice.

I've met a French girl which she said she's applying without LOI/ evisa. We met at the bank, so call before making one, maybe no need.

When you go to take the passport have your national ID (I used the Romanian one).
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Callaghan » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:39 am


We are two FRENCH bikers, just get our 2 visas to IRAN in TBILISSI.

Reference number with Key to Persia in 8 working days.

Applying at Iran Embassy on tuesday (2 hours after we received reference number), to get visas on friday morning.
Need :
-Reference number
-Form (you need an adress and phone number in Iran, it can be hostel)
-50 euros that you pay in TBC bank
-1 photo (with scarf for women)

See you !
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby cyclinghoboz » Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:59 pm

We tried to get the Iran visa in Yerevan but as they wanted proof of insurance and waiting time of one week unless paying more for express we asked key to Persia to resend the code to Tbilisi, which they quickly did free of charge.
In Tblisi we need it only passport, photo (no headscarf required) proof of payment (50€ each with German passport to pay at the bank). At the bank you will need to pay for the visa in eur. You can withdraw georgian lari or USD but will have to change them to eur before you can pay (changing money and payment is done at the same desk). Beware also you will loose 10/15 min as you need to register your passport in another desk before you are able to change money and make the payment.. At the embassy they asked for proof of insurance and we said we will buy at the border and it was ok. So we got our visa within 2 hours in the same day(with a coffee break in between). The guys at the embassy were really friendly! Hope this helps. https://cyclinghoboz.wordpress.com/iran/
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Emily » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:19 am

Hello everyone - thanks for sharing such thorough information! Any updates on the situation with British/US/Canadian passports? I'd like to travel independently over the land borders into/out of Iran (with a British passport) without needing an MFA-approved guide. The last time I contacted the Iranian embassy in London they said it wasn't possible, but I know requirements can change by embassy... If anyone has done this successfully in 2017/2018 in Tbilisi or even Baku/Yerevan - or met any other travellers on the road who've done this - please let me know :D
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Aukje » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:24 am

We (dutch nationality) went to the embassy in Tbilisi in december 2017 and a friend of us in January 2018 (Belgium). We got the visa in 1 morning. Arrived there at 10:00, gave the visa authorisation code we got a few days before, got a form to get to the bank, 20 min walk, pay 50 euro per person at the bank, go back to embassy(we took a taxi back 4 gel). At the embassy we had to fill in the standard form (with address of first night, no booking is asked), only 1 photo (for women without scarf if you are not moslim), nobody asked for insurance. Then they let you in the embassy (also no scarf needed for women but probably better to dress appropriate). Then we had to wait there for a while and got our passports back with visa before 13:00.
We had the visa authorisation code through the website of caravanistan.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby Leanna » Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:55 am

We (German and Italian passport) got our Iranian visa at the embassy today in one day and it was very easy, as described before. Opening times are Monday-Wednesday and Friday from 10-13h.
We had a reference number from Key2persia (took about 10 days to arrive), and a couple of days after it came went to the embassy at 10:20h on a Friday, went in, got a payment slip for the TBC bank (33 Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue), went there by bus (pretty much any bus that stops in front of the embassy brings you there in 4 stops, get out at the hospital), paid 50€ per person, and we're back at the embassy at 11:20h. They give you a form to fill out where you need to put an address, we just wrote the name of a hotel in Tehran, no reservation needed. They also asked for our insurance and we gave them copies of our (German) health and travel insurance documents, that was enough, and it could probably have been any document. They take the passport, reference number and passport picture, we sat down and waited, and could watch them making the visa. Around 12h we left with a 30 day visa!
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Tbilisi

Postby living_it_pal » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:13 am

I am an Australian and obtained my visa in Tbilisi. First I applied on http://e_visa.mfa.ir/en/ and obtained a verification code (no cost). Then when I got to Tbilisi I went to the embassy (on a Monday), he found my application and sent it off to Tehran for approval. He told me to wait until Friday and so when I went back Friday, my visa was approved. I completed the form on the spot, provided a photo and 100 euro and obtained my visa. My itinerary, health insurance, flights in and out were not checked. The two guys were super nice, same with the reception guy. No problems here and no need to pay third parties to get you the verification code for approval from Tehran. Have fun!
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