Embassy Report: Pakistani visa in Madrid

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Embassy Report: Pakistani visa in Madrid

Post by cohle1486 »

I read a message here on the forum asking for a new topic about this embassy since there is none, so here it goes.

January 2019.

I had read they were more rude than the staff at the Consulate in Barcelona and that it was pretty hard to get the tourist visa in Madrid, but none of that seems to be true, at least in our case.

The only difference between the Barcelona Consulate and the Madrid Embassy is that in Barcelona they don't ask for a LOI, but they only issue visas for Catalan citizens...

So we went to the embassy, there were at least 30 Pakistan nationals, families with children included and just about 3 or 4 spaniards there.
You get a number and you wait to get called.

We were waiting for 30 minutes or so, and while doing this we saw someone didn't get the visa after paying for it because they needed some extra documents and visas for third countries. They didn't reject it, they just asked for more things.

At that point we got scared after reading some bad reviews about this embassy and seeing this case in front of us...

Then we found out they were not issuing that visa because they were trying to enter from Iran and exit to China overland. We were planning to exit overland also, to India, and we didn't have the visa for India yet so we were not sure we were going to get it or not.

We got called and a really, really friendly staff asked for the form, 2 pictures, the LOI, the bank certificate, the certificate from our job and a travel itinerary. We didn't have flights booked so we were also worried about this. We just showed a paper with the dates and places we intended to visit: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gilgit, Hunza... Entering via plane, exiting through Wahga.

The staff kept telling us nice things and saying how much fun we were going to have. They seemed happy we wanted to go to Pakistan.

We paid the visa in cash (60€) and they told us to come back within 5 days to get it.

Later on we saw it only took them 1 day to issue the visa and in 5 days we already had our passports back with the visas on them.

To get them back, the embassy was pretty empty... so we don't know if we were unlucky on the first day to have so many people waiting there or lucky on the last day to go directly to the window and get the passports back. Getting them back once again they were very friendly and nice to us.

They issued a visa for more days than we had asked for, and the visa is valid to enter up to a whole year after the issuing date.

So I'd say it's a very friendly embassy to get a visa at and not difficult at all.
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Re: Embassy Report: Pakistani visa in Madrid

Post by pedroalonso_69 »

January 2019

Easy visa to get, nice and kind staff, commenting that my intention was to reach the country via land from China at first they asked me for the Chinese visa, but when I commented that it was impossible to get a Chinese visa with a validity of more than three months they put no problem, I gave bank statements, designed a route with dates and made a payment of 60 Euros, in a week the visa was ready valid for one year of validity and 60 days of stay in the country.
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Re: Embassy Report: Pakistani visa in Madrid

Post by Calixtoj »

Hi everyone in this thread!
Going through the previous posts, and assuming that you two (cohle1486 and pedroalonso_69) are spanish, I was wondering why you guys applied for a visa at the embasy in Madrid since we spaniards are eligible for a VISA ON ARRIVAL, according to this caravanistan.com and the Pakistani Ministry of Interior
https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/tourist-frien ... ntriestfc/

Also visa on arrival seems to be valid for land crossings.
I´m planing my trip to Pakistan, entering by land from Iran in November.

I don´t know, I might be missing or misunderstanding something.

Thank you!
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