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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Postby austin2powers » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:21 pm

Just got E-Visa approval:

Sept 25th:
    - German and UK citizen applied online from SE Asia
    - pretended to be in Frankfurt / London
    - only booked first three hotel nights in Lahore via
    - standard itinerary including transfer through Balochistan
    - entering Wahga land border

Oct 2nd:
    - Documents needed: LOI
    - used LOI from Caravanistan (Cheers guys)

Oct 10th:
    - Visa approved
    - no call for interview
    - realised that the Pak e-visa website is not accessible from India, had to use VPN. Other sites seem to be fine though

Thanks for all info here from you guys.

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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Postby fra81 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:23 pm

Italian solo female traveler got eVisa from India in 3 days!!no Loi needed.

I have applied for my eVisa on the morning of Friday the 18th of October and got asked in the afternoon of the same day for more documentation and to go for an interview at the consulate of Milan.
I knew they had not open my application because they were asking for documents that I had already attached like the hotel bookings and the bank statement of the last three months.
I ringed the consulate of Milan asking why they were asking for documents that were already attached to my application and why I had to go for an interview in Milan.
Initially they answered that there was no chance to get the visa without an interview and then, after me telling that I knew for certain that other Italians were granted the eVisa without an interview, they asked me to write a mail explaining my situation and the reason for not being able to go for the interview back in Italy. they said, they were going to show my application and my mail to their boss on Monday.
Today, Monday 21st of October, I have got granted my eVisa without any interview or Loi!

I will share the content of my application:
- I am a solo female traveler 38 years old
- I am unemployed and written that I am unemployed. They have asked for prove of my employment and I have reminded them to check my bank statement that was showing that I had enough savings to cross Pakistan in my 20 days plan of travel through the country
- In my travel history I have stated that I have been traveling for the past 3 months in India and attached my Indian visa to the application. Reality is that I left my country much longer than that but haven’t wrote that part of my journey in the travel history section
- I stated I was going to enter through Wagah border and exit at the Taftan one
- I attached a detailed map of my journey through Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Bahawalpur .
- bookings of the hotels for the whole trip
- prove of my address through an electricity bill
- letter explaining that I wanted to travel by land back to my country and the list of the extra “other “ documents that I had attached to my application

The process of applying for the visa through their website has been exhausting: they kept logging me out and often I couldn’t log back in quickly but after few hours or only the following day. It took me 24 hours ,and lot of complaints to the nadra website and the office of the eVisa in Islamabad , to being able to pay and submit my application.
I don’t know if for me the process has been particularly difficult because I was in India and I had to use different VPN to be able to access the Pakistan eVisa website.

Good luck to everyone else who is applying!
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Postby clairvoyant » Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:38 pm

Hello, dear vagabonds!

I have recently (over a month ago) applied for a e-visa of tourist type, and after a few days I was asked to provide some additional documents (such as LOI, certificate of employment etc.). I have provided those documents on October 7th. Today marks the 12th working day since the provision of documents, and the estimate of tourist visa processing time amounts to 7-10 working days. The visa application status is in-process, and I haven't received any other mail. I have sent an e-mail out via the contact page on two days ago, but to no avail. Thus, I have a question. Is the visa application processing centralized, or is it being processed at the regional embassy (Embassy of Pakistan in Warsaw, Poland in that case)? If so, has anyone experienced any regional disparities in the visa processing time? My long flight (3 stops) to Pakistan is about to commence on October 30th.

Has anybody applying for a e-visa actually paid a visit to the embassy unannounced in order to clarify things?

A few things about my "ordinary" application just in case:
- 26 yo, employed, flying in and out of Islamabad airport
- visiting Islamabad, Lahore, and Gilgit-Baltistan
- hotel booking confirmations for all nights + LOI

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