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Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:48 pm
by jwong
Data point: I entered Uzbekistan twice and had no issues. First time was from Khujand to Tahskent and then I hopped over to Mazar-i-Sharif from Termez. Came back to Termez after and had no issues. However, both times, they seemed to not know that it is now visa free for [most] Western passport holders but they were able to find the info and stamp me in without me saying anything (just took longer). I'm Canadian.

Re: Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:12 am
by B7474U3
Data Point:

I did a day trip from Tashkent to Khujand via the Oybek Crossing using a UK passport (visa-free), going to Khujand in the morning and coming back to Tashkent the same evening.

The crossing was quick and straight forward in both directions. On the return to Uzbekistan my passport was stamped and I was on my way with no problems at all. I was also giving a little slip detailing the registration requirements which I was not given when I first arrived at Tashkent.

Re: Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:24 am
by ekaterinaelliott
Hello everyone!

Am wondering if someone can tell me if the following will count as a 'visa run'.

Travelling on Australian passport.

I land in Tashkent and spend 8 hours in the airport until my flight to Astana.I'm then planning to travel around Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and then re-enter Uzbekistan via air, into Tashkent again.

Will my initial visa reset after my first arrival and exit, 8 hours later? And when i enter the second time (which will still be in the 30 day window) will i get another 30 days?

Thank you!

Re: Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:42 pm
by steven
You will not enter Uzbekistan the first time so you will not get a stamp then. You will stay in the transit zone.

If you do go out of the airport, you will be stamped in, and then stamped out as you leave the country. When you return to Uzbekistan you will be stamped in again.

Everytime you get stamped in you get 30 days.

Re: Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:48 pm
by Rapunzel
I'm a Polish citizen and I don't need visa to enter Uzbekistan for up to 30 days but I'd like to stay there longer. Do you happen to know if it's possible for me to apply for 90 days e-visa? If not what are my other options?
Thank you very much for any information!

Re: Uzbekistan: visa runs on visa-free

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:30 am
by steven
Are you in the country now? Uzbekistan has given free visa extensions for everyone until June 1st because of coronavirus.

If you are not in UZ now, you need to do a visa-run. Kazakhstan is no longer visa free until november because of corona so you need to go to Kyrgyzstan.