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Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & China

Post by judeauxp »

Here are three reports on getting the visas to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan (transit visa) and China in Tehran (March 2015, French nationals).

Uzbekistan visa
Easier than we expected. Competent and nice people at the consulate (they even pick up the phone when you call them ! - 02122299780).
We first requested a letter of recommendation from the French embassy (for which they asked us dates of entry and exit into Uzbekistan), which they prepared for the next working day.
We then filled, downloaded and printed the online visa application form that can be found here : http://evisa.mfa.uz/. Note that you need to provide the date of entry and exit. We joined two pictures, a copy of our passports and the letter from the embassy.
We went to the Uzbek consulate (not the usbek embassy – though it is not very far): take the metro up to Ghetarieh, at the metro exit turn right and take the large avenue on your right, a bit further on this avenue take a bus asking the driver if it stops at the Farmanieh – Pasdaran crossroad, then walk up for 10 minutes. GPS point of the consulate is : N35 48.267 E51 28.534 and adress is 4th park dead end (second small street on the left when going up after the chinese embassy, the consulate is a white building on a small square at the end of the street). It is open from 8:30 to 12:30.
At the consulate building, we went straight up to the first floor (no waiting list with names), had to force a little our way in through the agency guys and handed all documents. We could keep our passports and were told when to come pick up the visa (one week or a little more - in our case we applied on Thursday and were told to collect it on Sunday 10 days after). When we came back, same story, we went straight up (no queue). The lady asked us if we wanted to change the dates that we had initially mentioned on the form – which we did – and 15 minutes later we had our visa for 30 days with double entry. The cost was 85 USD for double entry 30 days (70 USD for single entry 30 days), paid in dollars (they have change) directly at the consulate.

Turkmenistan transit visa
As many travelers, we applied for the transit visa in Tehran and picked it up in Mashhad.
We first made color copies of our passport, our uzbekistan visa and our iranian visa ; prepared a letter asking for a 5-day transit visa stating our entry and exit dates, entry and exit border points and approximate itinerary and took 1 picture.
The embassy is not far from Tajrish metro station. In front of the metro exit next to Tajrish bazar, get on a bus checking with the driver that it goes to Lavasani street. Jump at the stop called « Ghahveh Khaaneh » about 15 minutes from Tajrish, the embassy is then in the first street on your right (you can see the exact location on googlemap). It is open from Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 to 11 :30 (though this appears to be flexible).
Quite messy at the embassy with many people waiting in front of a small window but nice and english-speaking staff. Don’t queue and make your way to the window to get the form. Fill it in and then queue to submit your documents. Tell the man at the counter that you would like to collect the visa in Mashhad and check when it will be ready (many travelers report 5 days but he told us one week). He will then give you a second form that you will need to fill in and give at the consulate in Mashhad.

We arrived in Mashhad 9 days after and got no trouble to collect the visa but we’ve met travellers who arrived on the exact day it was supposed to be ready and had to wait for the following day to get it. So if you can, we’d advise to get to Mashhad one day later (especially that Mashhad is not a very nice place to spend time…).
The consulate is well indicated on the LP map (we got there with someone so didn’t pay much attention on how to get there but it was quite straightforward).
We brought the filled form that we got in Tehran, a copy of our passport and of our uzbekistan visa (black and white is fine this time), one more picture and our passport. The guy behind the (even smaller) window is nice and speaks decent english. The cost was 55 USD which you pay directly at the consulate. We received our 5-day transit visa 10 minutes after handing out all documents. Note that it is not possible to change the dates given in Tehran. Check that you have the right dates and the right entry and exit points.

Chinese visa
After being caught off guard by Chinese New Year for which the embassy closed for 10 days, getting the chinese visa was straightforward and easy.
As for the Uzbekistan visa, we first requested a letter of recommendation from our embassy in Tehran.
We downloaded the visa application form on the embassy’s website (http://ir.chineseembassy.org/eng/lsfw/), filled it in electronically (works well with some pdf editors, not so well with others) and printed it on two faces (as we had read it was necessary though we’re not sure it’s the case). We joined 2 photos (one of which we were given back when collecting the visa…) and the letter of the French embassy.
The address of the Chinese embassy is : 73rd, Movahed Danesh Avenue, Aghdasiyeh (see Uzbekistan visa for directions) and is open on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (08:45-12:15am and 02:30-04:30pm though they say Thursday pm is only to collect the visa not to request it).
Very professional staff, waiting room inside. As usual many agency guys with tens of passports but they were kind enough to let us go first. The lady told us we could not get multiple entry visa (unfortunately) but could choose the duration so we asked for 90 days which was no problem (and same price than the 30 day visa).
We could choose between normal service (40 USD, visa ready after 4 days - ie we came on Thursday and would get it on Tuesday) and express service (70 USD, visa ready the next opening day - ie we came on Thursday and collected it on Saturday – the embassy was open in contradiction to their stated opening days and we’re not sure it’s always like this…). Payment needs to be done in the bank just in front of the embassy (they’re used to it and it was very straightforward).
The embassy keeps your passport and gives you a receipt.
We came back to the embassy as planned (don’t forget the embassy receipt AND the bank receipt) and got our passport with the single entry 90 days visa 5 minutes after entering the building.

Good luck !
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Chi

Post by rodarpelmon »

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for this very usful info!
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Chi

Post by steven »

thanks indeed, will update asap!
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Chi

Post by ivars »

Super-useful info! Gonna be there after few weeks to get the same visas.

Does anyone know if the consulates accept euro? Or dollars only?
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Chi

Post by JQS1 »


Thank you for this very useful information on obtaining a Chinese visa in Tehran.

I am a cyclist travelling with a New Zealand passport, and after obtaining a letter from my embassy I am going to try and apply for my Chinese visa at that consulate in the next couple of days.

What I would like to know is how much detail is required for the itinerary. Will a few fake hotel bookings (e.g. booking.com) be sufficient? And can I tell them that I'll buy my flight ticket after I have the visa?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Embassy report Tehran Turkmenistan transit visa

Post by quimperpekinavelo »

We are french cyclotourists. Getting the transit turkmen visa was not too much difficult for us. We applied at Tehran and got visa at Mashhad.
At Tehran, the embassy is located at lat=35.804943 and lon=51.45272.You must give a COLOR copy of your passport, a COLOR copy of your Ouzbek or Kazakh visa, a letter. It is useless to fill out the application form that you can find on internet, it has expired. They give one new to you at the embassy.Then, there must be between 7 and 10 days before being able to get your visa at Mashhad.At Mashhad, the embassy is located at lat=36.283924 and lon=59.59906.You have to give a COLOR copy of your passport, a COLOR copy of your Ouzbek or Kazakh visa, again. Then you give another application form, which you were given at Tehran. Then you pay 55 dollars.Normally, you get your visa finally.At the border at Serahs, you have to notice that you have to pay 12 dollars! It's crazy but pay your attention that you have to have 67 dollars for one visa at the end.
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Days for collecting Visa in Mashhad

Post by Dan »


We are now applying for the Turkmen visa in Teheran and will collect them in Mashhad. I found this information on the site : "Opening hours of the Mashhad embassy are 8:30 – 12:00. Open every day except Friday. Tourists can only apply Tuesdays and Wednesdays."
Does it means that for collecting the visa we can go on anyday between saterday and thursday?

Thank you for the answer and this very useful website

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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Chi

Post by ivars »

Somewhat a late update, but better later than never, right? :)
Maybe it still helps someone - our experience with extension, April 2015
(I post here a part of my blog article, if you are interested about the rest of the story about Iran, you can read it here).
UZBEKISTAN visa: Consulate (not to be confused with the embassy) is on a small dead end street on Aghdasiyeh Rd [GPS: 35.8043, 51.4758], not far from the embassy of China.
Hours: Sun-Thu 8:30-12:30.

You will need – Letter of no objections from your embassy or Letter of invitation from an agency (depends on your country of origin, for us, for example, LOI was the only way, as we discovered); 2 digitally filled forms from http://evisa.mfa.uz/; a copy of passport; 2 passport-sized pictures; 75$ cash to be payed at recieving the visa. The 30-day tourist visa is supposed to be ready in 8 days.
TURKMENISTAN (transit) visa: Embassy on Barati, near Vatanpoor [GPS: 35.8049, 51.4525].
Hours: Sun 9:30-11:00, Mon-Thu 9:00-11:00. As we’ve noticed, the opening hours may vary based on lunar phases.

You will need – to fill the form, given in the embassy; a copy of passport; a copy of your Uzbek/Kazakh visa; 2pcs 40x60mm sized photos; a written request to the visa section of Turkmen embassy (stating your name, the dates and purpose of your visit, entry and exit points); 55$ cash when receiving the visa. They have change.

5-day transit visa should be ready in one week (better to count in some additional days) to be picked up right there or in Mashad. You need to specify exact dates for entry and exiting. Our visa request got refused, for reasons they did not disclose.
About CHINA visa I already wrote here: http://caravanistan.com/forum/viewtopic ... 3964#p3964
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & China

Post by Yolo Tour »

Hey there! I just got my Uzbek isa and my tadjik in Tehran.
Uzbek was easy because i applied in Ankara.
Tadjik took me 30 minutes. I went there at 8, wait until 9:30. the guy asked me for all the documents, I asked for 45 days visa he said ok. And 30 minutes later i paid and I got the visa!!! Really easy

I also applied for the turkmen. But sadly two germans were there to get their visa...but turkmenistan refused them... no reason.
And i went to the chinese embassy to get my 3 + 3 months.
I said to the nice guy that i came here 3 times and noz i had all the visas. I asked for the 3+3 and he said yes. I asked him again and he said yes. He also said that sometimes they give just 1+3.
Ill get it on tuesday. Ill let you know
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Re: Embassy reports (Tehran): Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & China

Post by evanrprice »

Uzbekistan Visa
Got LOI through stantours (arrived within a week) and submitted documentation at embassy in Tehran about a month latr. I asked to change the dates as specified on my LOI and they happily obliged. Paid $75 (they had change in dollars) and waited there for 20min and was handed my passport with the visa (though another person waited about 2hrs).

Tajikistan Visa
Applied at the embassy at 2pm as suggested here, the english speaking woman had just arrived so things went smoothly - I asked for the 45 days and urgent processing - I submitted the documentation along with $75 but did not have to leave my passport (I had the exact amount so not sure about change) and was told to return the next day at 10:30am. Returned the next day, handed in my passport and they stuck in the visa and wrote it out there and then. No GBAO permit available here.

Turkmenistan Visa
I applied in Tehran and picked up in Mashhad 10 days later (that is how long they specify it will take), couple of NB: comments:

> Embassy was not open for visas on Monday, had to return Tuesday - pretty chaotic there and lots of waiting but got submitted eventually after about 3hrs.
> Although i did get the visa rejections are still ongoing for now apparent reason - a french guy was refused while i was there and a Japanese couple were seemingly also refused (told they didn't have (lost) their documentation but they could try reapply and wait another 10 days.
>The letter you have to write and submit with the application must NOT include the word TRAVEL at all, instead the word must be TRANSIT. I.e. when you state your route you must say "Transit from Mary to Turkmenabat", etc. It must also include your requested entry and exit dates as well as the entry and exit border points.
> They will hand you back the main application form and keep the seemingly secondary one you also have to fill in. Retain this as you submit it when you collect the visa.
> When I collected the consulate did have change in dollars, cost being $55.
> I arrived at 9am to collect, submitted the required docs (passport, application form with photo, copy of passport and copy of visa to exit country) and was told to return at 4pm to collect. Arrived back at 4pm and collected the passport with the visa
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