HELP: Pakistan Visa: How long is it valid?!?

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HELP: Pakistan Visa: How long is it valid?!?

Post by murg »

Hi fellow - travellers;

I applied for an Pakistan Visa (German passport, through a visa Agent, Embassy in Berlin).

Few days ago I received my visa - but there seems to be a problem:

I will enter Pakistan on may30th. I wrote a letter to the embassy which has been sent with the application.
The letter stated the date.

But my visa says:

Type of visa: Entry
Date of issue: 28-02-2019
Good for journey up to: 27-05-2019
No. of visits allowed: Double
Duration of each stay: 15 days
Purpose if travel: Tourist

If I get this right my visa expires on may27th?
This means I cannot enter Pakistan?

Can someone give me a quick update if I am getting something wrong / what I should do?
My visa Agent says this means that I can enter Pakistan from 27th of may on; but I doubt this.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: HELP: Pakistan Visa: How long is it valid?!?

Post by jacoblab1 »

Pretty sure the embassy just gave you the standard 3 month validity; meaning that you can enter Pakistan any time BEFORE May 27th.

So you may need to apply for a new visa :/
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Re: HELP: Pakistan Visa: How long is it valid?!?

Post by Lovetheworld »

This is no good. You just got a standard visa with standard 3 months validity from the day the visa was given.
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