Report on Iran Visa extension in Bandar Abbas

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Report on Iran Visa extension in Bandar Abbas

Post by miczel »

In the beginning of March I extended my visa for another month without any problems. It took me 4 hours (including walk to the Melli bank). The entrance to the police office is located here: 27.190202, 56.326084 (watch out, the localization suggested in the "Iran visa extensions" text is wrong by 400m). The process was smooth and at least one officer could speak some English. If you don't have a visit card of any ho(s)tel with you I recommend to prepare a paper note with an address and a telephone of some place. Write it in English and Persian so you will make it easy to the officer.
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Re: Report on Iran Visa extension in Bandar Abbas

Post by brunoaroundtheworld »

On 2nd January I extended my visa for another month.
It took me approximately 1 hour. I entered at 8.45 and I was out at 9.35.
The officer I met was very kind, and spoke good English.
I had to fill a paper with my information, the officer asked for 2 passport photos, one copy of my passport page and one copy of the original visa.
I paid by cash 380000 rials, no need to go to the bank.
Very fast and easy.
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Re: Report on Iran Visa extension in Bandar Abbas

Post by ontour »

we extended our visa (still valid for 5 days) the second time. but in the end it took one week to get it.
everything went quick in the beginnig, they were very friendly and spoke good english. we were told to wait 20 minutes. but then they said we should come back in 3 days. 3 days later we waited for 2 hours till they told us they had no answer from theran. the next day after 2 hours waiting they had the answer but the signature of the boss was missing and they did not know when he can sign it. we left our visa (paper, not in the passport) which expired at that day and came back the next day. finaly he had signed the visa and we could leave.
we have no idea why it took so long.
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raus reisen
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Re: Report on Iran Visa extension in Bandar Abbas

Post by raus reisen »

We went there today at about 10am. We brought our passports (German), original visa, two photos, one passport copy and one visa copy each (you can not make copies there). We had to leave our phones and bags at the entrance. I got a chador at the entrance.
At first the officer checked, when our visa expired (tomorrow), and our photos. Women need photos with hijab, so we went to get some. The officer already gave us the application forms to fill out.
We got my photos at about this location 27,2028271, 56,3470742. It's in a narrow Street, the shop is in the first floor. It's difficult to find, but the sellers on the streets maybe can help.
We filled out the forms (two copies per person). We put the name of a random hotel in Bandar abbas, they didn't ask for further information like address or business card. They also asked for our Iran telephone number, which we didn't know by hard and had to go back to the entrance and write it down.
We extended our 30day visa for 60days. First the officer was surprised about the duration. Our Iranian friend told him, that we want to visit the north of Iran, and then he said "no problem". We paid 400.000 Rial per Person and another 60.000 Rial for administration. Our Iranian friend payed by card, so we don't know if cash is possible.
After handing in all the documents we had to wait not even 30 minutes to get the extension.
Altogether, with photos, it took maybe 1.5 hours and was very smooth.
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