Embassy report: Tajik visa in Bishkek

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Re: Tajikistan Visa Report in Bishkek

Post by linux_steve »

I wanted to apply for 45 days visa. They told me maximum for tourist visa is 30 days.

So I applied for 30 days double entry. I got a 30 days single entry with the answer that for tourist visa only single entry is possible. :(
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Embassy report: Tajik visa in Bishkek

Post by caminoel »

I have just finished Tajikistan visa at Tajikistan embassy in Bishkek recently. I hold my Thai passport which actually need LOI for apply tourist visa here but I have heard so many people who told me it possible to do and get it on the same day without LOI so I decide to try it. Eventually, I went to the Embassy at 09.00 am. I met the officer inside so she told me the info. Here are the lists
*** LOI is not needed*
1. Application form (I download from http://www.tajikembassy.be/sites/defaul ... nglish.pdf)
2. 4x3 photo #1
3. 1 copy of your passport
4. Visa fee 50 us (only express service no regular service anymore)
5. GBAO permit fee 25 us (up to you)
After you give her all of your documents. I got the real visa in the next 15 minutes without seeing any consul (one stop service :))
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by babakoto »

Do i understand well that you were able to get a GBAO permit in Bishkek (again)? I read in older posts (sep & oct 2014) that they didn't issue GBAO permits anymore in Bishkek and that you had to go to Dushanbe. For how many days it is possible to get a GBAO permit? We are planning to spend some weeks in that area.
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by jiri »

We asked for a Tajik visa + Gbao permit for cycling the Pamir highway at the consulate in Bishkek. 30 day Gbao permit would have worked, but applying 4 months in advance was too far out.
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by matt2matt2002 »

Great to read about the visa. But was it for 30 or45 days?
Is there a price difference?
Do you have a choice?

Thanks again
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by pauline »


Just did the all process today, arrived around 10.30am, just one guy was there. We gave the form with one picture attached. The woman gave us another short form to fill in and that was it. We had to chose between normal processing, 8 working days and $45 including GBAO (if we understood correctly), and express processing, same day and $75 including GBAO.

We opted for express and got to the embassy again this afternoon and just picked up our passports. To our great amazement, we got what we asked for: 45 days visa and 30 days GBAO.
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Tajik visa GBAO Bishkek

Post by Brando »

75 USD and 100 som for 45 day double entry and 45 day GBAO. Done in 3 hour
U.S. Passport
Cheaper if u wait 8 days
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by aaronfreed »

in early july, i got my tajik visa at the 'embassy' in bishkek. $75 (i think) and just a few minutes was all it took to get a 30-day visa (no extra charge for longer visas) and GBAO permit. it was, indeed, a 'piece of cake'.

heads up: this embassy is in a neighborhood and looks as if someone just threw a tajik flag on a house and called it an embassy. but i can confirm that it is legit.
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by hkwoody »

Same experience today (August 12th). Applied this morning ~10am, ready this afternoon after 3pm.
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Re: Update!! Tajikistan visa at Bishkek "A piece of cake"

Post by NOMADasaurus »

September 2nd - Same experience. Embassy opens at 9am. We got there at 8.30 and needn't have bothered being early - We were the only ones there. Opened on time, filled out the paperwork (two forms). 1 passport photo but no passport photocopy required. 45 days double entry was the same price as 30 days single entry. GBAO permit was 100 som valid for the entire duration of visa. Same day pick-up was $75. Ready at 2.30pm.
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