China visa application: tricky occupation?

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China visa application: tricky occupation?

Post by Will1981 »

Hey! I'll be applying for my China visa soon (it will be my gateway to the 'Stans). I'm just wondering about the use of wording on my application, specifically regarding occupation, and especially given that I will be travelling through the west of China where there are greater restrictions. I'm an editor (of legislative publications), but I thought the word 'editor' might be a red flag. Does anyone know if certain occupations are frowned upon for the purposes of a visa application and whether I should word my answers accordingly?

For the record, I have no interest in anything other than enjoying the landscapes and meeting the people while I'm there!

Thank you!
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Re: Wording on China visa application

Post by olmo »

Just set up an ordinary tourist itinerary. Once you have your visa it doesn't matter where you enter, exit or go during your time in China and while you will probably get the visa even with mentioning Xinjiang, chances you won't get it are higher so why bother with excessive honesty.

Occupation-wise, it's highly unlikely they will even contact your company so you should be able to make up a less journalisty-sounding job title. Maybe something that's not a direct contradiction to what comes up when one Googles your name though...;)
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Re: Wording on China visa application

Post by steven »

I recently upgraded our Chinese visa article. I wrote some tips regarding what not to write on your application:
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