Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by Blubby »

We, 2x German passports 5 days of visa left, can confirm the post above.

Really smooth, we had everything prepared and did go there at 7 am. I think it's a little bit early because all the guys come at 8 and the first thing they do is to get a can of tea in the morning. Before 8:15 am you will not see a lot of work be done.

We told them we wanted an extension of 4 weeks. I think they understood that we wanted to have 4 month and they were very sorry they couldn't give us the 4 month😁 we did get 30 days.
Chat about football, tell the guy that looks different from the rest you like bayern Munich and it will be a piece of cake.

After the paper run they let us wait for 1 hour to stamp the visit.

So in total a very good place to extend your visa.
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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by Granite2018 »

Good experience in Isfahan. Turned up at around 10:00, handed my phone in and headed up to the first floor, to see the senior officer in room 19. Filled out a small piece of paper, which he signed, and then headed downstairs.

Bit of back and forth between the different windows in the courtyard and the staff seemed delighted to see and were very helpful. Once I'd filled in all documents, I handed them back in room 19 and was told to wait. After two hours, I went back to ask how much longer it would take and was told to wait. Ten minutes later, I got my passport back with a 30 day extension approved. Got the impression that they'd forgotten about me, because it all moved very fast after I went in to check when it'd be ready.

I wasn't asked a single question about why I wanted an extension. Very easy.

Bring 345,000 Rial in exact change with you. Many of the Afghans in the visa offices live in Iran and have Iranian bank accounts, so they can pay by card for you, instead of you having to go to the bank.
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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by Jacksparrow »

Fifth of January i did my first extension here without any problem. They where polite and friendly.
Now, one month after i come back to the same place for my second extension and got one big NO just at the start. The guy in charge for approval simply said you cannot do it, get out. One other worker there with better English told me to go try do it at Tehran or some other city cuz it seems not possible to extend two times in same city.
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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by Foodinmybugs »

Went to the Esfahan visa office yesterday at 09:30 (Day 28 of my initial visa). Left phone+lighter at security.

Well prepared to make some chit-chat I had brought some photos which I had printed the day before (mostly for post cards) which were curiously looked at by the officers. "You have time" they said when they looked at my stamped visa, apparently unable to read the stamp on my entry visa, and I alerted them to the fact that I did actually not have time.

Promptly handed the form, directed to make payments, get the folder etc. as described previously and sent back and forth between 5 or 6 different stations.

In the end, not even 1h later they told me "come back tomorrow". "Why?". "System disconnect". Well I guess there's no arguing with that!

I was handed a receipt with one of my photos attached (passport and documents were kept at the station) and asked to return the next day at 11:00 am, where I could pick up my visa and passport immediately.

To my surprise, it was extended even by 42 days (instead of the 30 days I had asked for)!

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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by CollectingStones »

2 Belgian passports - 1th Extention - 3 days left

We got our 30 day extention but it went less smooth than expected and it took us 2 days.

Day 1: We got confirmation for 30 days pretty quick but they told us it would take 2 days. We said we wanted it the same day but this was a definitely 'No'. So we compromised on the next day. The paper run took us 1h45 and still goes as described below. They gave us a small paper with our case number and told us to come back the next day at 9am.

Day 2: Our extention was not ready the next day at 9am. They gave us a bullshit excuse, 'system problems', but with such a smile you just knew they were lying. We pushed to get our case handled on the spot but they refused and told us to wait until 1pm. We told them we still wanted to visit the city etc.. They insisted that we should sit down and wait. Eventually there was no arguing anymore and so we sat down and waited. We checked once in a while to make sure they would not forget us. After 2h30 of waiting it was ready.

Most of the officers were helpfull, just not the ones who had to handle the final stamps. I guess it depends who is in the office that day.

Also, if you still have time left on your current visa they will not let you extent here but refer you to the next city.

Good luck and be patient!
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Re: Iran Visa Extension Report from Esfahan

Post by ontour »

extended our 30 day visa (still valid for 3 days) without problems in october 2019. went there at 9am and picked up the visa again at 1pm.
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