Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by karenandmike »

Our visa process at the London embassy was first class.
We have UK passports. We arrived at the embassy at 1030 and as there were a few people already there we waited 20 minutes to be seen.
We had an LOI which we presented with all other docs and photos (as per the embassy website). After 4 minutes we were given the bank payment slips. 3 copies. 1 for the bank, 1 for the embassy and one for us. The bank is a pleasant 10 minute walk away. At the bank we paid 60 pounds each for 30 day visas. We had requested 21 days. The bank is Barclays, just east of the Notting Hill Gate tube station on the south side of the street.
By the time we had returned to the embassy the our passports were ready with visas in place.
NOTE The nearest tube to the embassy, Holland Park, is closed until sometime in August 2016. Use Notting Hill Gate tube. This means, of course, that we did the 10 minute walk 4 times! No problem as it was a beautiful day.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by luca »


On the website the Embassy claims they need photocopies of ALL pages, including blank ones. They state it explicitly and in capital letters:

3. Passport photocopy. (ALL pages including blank).

However, all people I know have got visa without any problems with providing just photocopy of the photo and the signature pages of the passport, as well as old Uzbek visas if there were any.

My question: Has anyone ever got problems because they did not provide photocopies of every single page in the passport?

Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by Greg »

At the start of this month I applied for a 3 entry Uzbek visa by post from the UK. I filled in the form, provided photocopies of all the internal pages of my passport (not the cover) and sent the form, passport, photos and a return SD envelope by special delivery to the embassy in London. I emailed the embassy (consul at uzbekembassy.org) to ask for the current fee (£81 for three entries) then paid it by bank transfer. Two days after I paid the fee, my passport arrived back at my house with the visa inside.
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Embassy Report: Uzbek tourist visa in London, UK

Post by AreWeThereYet? »

I applied for a 15-day tourist visa for an Italian citizen, UK resident, with a fairly old passport and only one page empty, and was successful.

The embassy is in Holland Park, not the main avenue but a different road. If you're getting off the Tube in Holland Park, cross the road and take the road - confusingly named Holland Park, that goes uphill (it's the one with the statue of St. Volodymir on the corner) and then take the first right on, you guessed it, Holland Park. The embassy is on the left.

The visa office is located downstairs on the right, and it's fairly straightforward. Deposit your passport and documentation and they'll tell you when to return. In my case I went there on a Monday and was told to return on a Friday. No receipts are given.

I returned on the agreed day and the kid at the desk - a fairly young guy, must be in his early 20s - admitted that the visa hadn't been processed yet. A couple of hours' wait and I was given three old-style payment slips for the visa. I offered to pay there and then via online banking but he insisted to have the slips processed at a bank. Not too bad because Notting Hill Gate is just a few minutes' walk and there are several banks over there. Payment done, I gave the receipts back to the officer and got my passport back, correct dates on the visa and all.

I'd say a very smooth and painless service, definitely recommended.
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Stories from the road.

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by will_d »

Has anyone been in contact with the embassy recently ? I cant seem to get through to the consular section. If so which phone number did you use. I'm chasing bank details for the international money transfer. Don't seem to be on the website or am I missing something ?? Thanks Will.

* update. They have added payment deatails on the website . I’m sure that wasn’t coming up before !
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by will_d »

Any issues with the bank transfer ? My bank charges a fee in Australia for the transfer but does not know what other fees may be added onto the other end . My concern is my payment arrives into their bank account a few pounds short . I also don’t just want to pay more and look like I’m paying a very small bribe ahha.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by leela »

There's no need to navigate the fussy system of paying for the visa in London now, which is great news. No need to pick up a slip, go to the bank half a mile away, and come back with the paying in stub before getting your visa. The embassy now has a card machine! I was in and out within two minutes, having paid with my credit card.

A great improvement.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by clairey »

Just a quick update for those visiting Uzb before the new e-visas arrive.
I'm an Australian who picked up my visa in London 2 days ago - it was a pretty painless process.
I brought with me:
-letter of invitation
-photocopy of every single passport page
-visa app formx2 with photos

I waited in line for about 1hr, then handed over paperwork, paid by credit card 67gbp (don't need to do bank slip anymore). Sat down for another 20mins, for them to stick the visa into my passport. All done.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by Greenoutking »

Just went in to get Uzbek in London, turns out there’s few ways to make the process a lot easier.
I took in
- 2 copies of the application form, signed with attached photos
- photocopies of all pages of passport
- passport

As an Australian citizen, I did not take in an LOI.
They took my forms and said come back next Monday and your visa will be ready.

After speaking to others, turns out you are able to email them a scan of your application form (signed with photos on it) and the embassy will email you back when your visa is ready for collection. Then you take in all the forms listed on the website (and above) and get the visa stuck in there!
You also pay when you collect your visa, credit card machine in there!

(note, hope someone can confirm, also seems like if you go in WITH an LOI, even if you don’t need one, you’ll get the visa same day?)
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbekistan visa in London

Post by Adrian »

Also an Australian, received my Uzbek Visa via London Uzbek consulate a few weeks ago. Went in Wed morning 9:30am, small waiting room, was seen in 10 mins. Left my application form, complete photocopy of passport, passport photos and was asked to return following Wed (1 week later) to collect Visa. Was allowed to keep passport during this time (I used this time to get a different Visa). Returned one week later, handed over passport and collection receipt from previous week. Waited 15 mins and Visa stamp in passport was ready. Paid visa fee by debit card on card machine in consulate office. All quite straight-forward.
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