Embassy report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the consulate of Iran in Erzurum below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by flo »

Once you have the MFA code it's pretty straight forward! The consulate is on Emniyet sk. in central Erzurum. From the city center walk down Cumhuriyet cad. and take the road inbetween Polis Evi and PTT (post office) to your left. Walk up the street for about 2-3 minutes and you will see the consulate on your left (the address on Google Maps is terribly wrong because the consulate moved about two years ago). Opening times are 08:30 - 11:30 and 14:30 - 16:00 from Monday to Friday. Apply there in the morning and you can pick up your visa in the afternoon or one day later. For German citizens it's 50 EUR (next day) or 75 EUR (same day). They will send you to Ziraat Bank on Cumhuriyet cad. to pay the visa fee. No copies of anything needed, only passport, 2 pics, application form and the payment receipt from the bank. In case you are not in Erzurum, you can call the consulate (+90 4423159983) and ask them whether they have received your MFA code already. I got a 30 days visa and one month to enter the country.

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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by rodarpelmon »


Thanks a lot to update the info. We will be there in one month, so happy to know is a quick visa to get.

Best regards
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by moffy »

The gps coordinates are: N39.90253 E041.26862
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by Nicolas »

Well guys, some fresh and good news.

I just got my Iran visa to the Iran consulat.
The address of the consulat didn't change.
It's the same bank.

I went there at 8.45 pm. I left the place with the visa at 10 pm. It was totally easy and quick.
They give you an application form to fill. Nothing difficult at all.

I got 30 days to visit the country and 30 days to get in

People there are totally friendly and speak English perfectly well.
And if you are lucky, you will meet Iran people ready for hosting you once you'll be there. Without to ask. Iran hospitality start at the consulat!

I got a reference number from key2persia. In 10 days everything was ready. They worked well and they were there to answer my questions.

Have fun
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by NomadXpress »

Hello Nicolas,

did you have to present also a travel insurance in Erzurum ?

Because at the moment we have none....

Many thanks indeed !

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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by Connyjens »

Good news!
Today we got our Iranian Visa in Erzurum (german passports ) in 1.5h!
When you've got your reference number you only need your passport, one passport copy (black and white was ok), 2 pictures and 75€ to pay to ziraat-bank.
No need for an insurance cover.

Good luck!
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by entransat »


Today we got our Iranian visa in Erzurum. Everything happen like it describe before. Just a surprising thing : we ask the men if it will be possible to collect the visa the day after and pay only 50$ (it is a possibility) and he refused. We had no choice, we had to pay 75$ and collect it during the same day. We are two, so it's 50$ lost for us... We didn't explain to us why it was not possible, and we didn't try so much, we didn't want to have any problem to collect this visa...
Probably it is the first thing you must say to the men, when you give your passeport, that you don't want to collect it on the same day, before he gives you the receipt to pay 75$...

Good luck !
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by IsaOlof »

We just picked up our visa for Iran in Erzurum.

We had the authorization code, and it was ready at the consulate. Very fast and no hassle, exactly as before:

2 pictures (I wore a scarf)
1 copy of your passport (Ours were in color)
1 application (Is handed out at the consulate)

All together 1,5 hour, paid 75 Euro for two danish passport holders.
Everybody was very helpful and it turned out that the consulate actually was closed today (Monday 27.6.2016) due to holiday, but they opened up just for us and processed our application.

Cheers Isa and Kristian
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Re: Report: Iran Visa in Erzurum

Post by Wickychicky »

Just to keep the info flow up to date: all the posts above were still up to date at the end of Augsut 2016.
1.5 hours from walking in the door to walking out with the passports with visas. The biggest hold up was the queue at the bank: take your forms with you and fill them out there.
75€ per person
2 photos, ladies with headscarf
payment receipt from the bank.

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