Report: The Uzbek Embassy in Moscow

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Re: Report: The Uzbek Embassy in Moscow

Postby steven » Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:05 pm

Please read and post reports on the Uzbek embassy in Moscow below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Uzbek visa page.
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Report: The Uzbek Embassy in Moscow

Postby Jpinilla » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:10 pm

The application process for two Americans was relatively painless in Moscow. As Russians do not need visas within the CIS, there were very few people at the window for foreigners and the lines were short. It took around a week to get everything done. No one showed much interest in any of our extra paperwork. The only problem was the guard at the front door who tried to tell us that the visa section wasn't open until 12. If you apply in Moscow, be sure to be firm and relentless. They will eventually yield.

Note: There is a little van parked next to the embassy where you can get passport photos and copies. It's actually cheaper than other places around.
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Re: Report: The Uzbek Embassy in Moscow

Postby edgarbilliet » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:11 pm

This website has been a big help in planning a future trip, so happy to share the experience from Moscow today.

I applied for an Uzbek visa for me and a friend of mine (he did not have to be there in person, a copy of his passport suffices) with Belgian passports.

The entrance is at the east side of the building, in 2nd Kazachiy Pereulok (2-й Казачий переулок), close to the junction with 1st Kazachiy Pereulok (1-й Казачий переулок). Entering the building was relatively easy. A bunch of guys sit, stand and wait at the entrance for whatever reason. I just jumped (what looked like) the queue. Nobody bothered. They write down your name from your passport in a scratchbook and then make you go through security. A rather rude guy frisks you and tells you to switch off your phone. No phone use whatsoever is allowed in the building. You then enter the desk room through a rather sketchy courtyard and some tents (yes, tents). Visa service is supposed to work from 10h to 12h (I arrived at 9h50), but quite a lot of people were already waiting at the visa desk (desk 1, окно 1).

I was quite desperate in the beginning, since the turns of the first people took about 10 minutes each and at least 15 people were in front of me. It is hard to tell how many people actually are waiting in front of you. It is not organised at all. People (mostly Chinese and Tadzhik as far as I could tell today) ask eachother who's in front of who. The person 'in front of you' in the queue might actually be waiting for his turn on a bench a couple of meters behind you. Luckily the servant sped up and all in all I had to wait little over one hour.

You bring:
- 2 passport photo's
- 2 copies of the completed e-visa document (Although I would not know why you would have to bring a second one. The guy took one, the other one I have still with me. It has no stamps or signatures on it)
- a (coloured) copy of your passport

The guy's English is sufficient. The process itself was smooth, actually smoother than I would have liked. I bet he did not even look at my citizenship or the dates I applied for. If I would have made a mistake, I will probably find out too late... I asked if it is possible to receive and pay for the visa in Almaty in January. No problem, he said. (I currently study in Siberia and would like to travel Central Asia in January, without having to wait for visa or pay too much for LOI's. I had to be in Moscow anyway this week. That's why Moscow in November-Almaty in January.) You can also check the status of the application online (same link as the e-visa It will take three working days, he said (website says two).
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