Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by gf1961 »

The horror stories as posted above, mentioning turmoil around the gate, rude and incompetent staff, really seem to be a thing of the past.

Having made a stupid error on my e-visum, thus making it invalid, I braced myself for the worst, when I suddenly had to apply for a visum in Dushanbe without LOI. Got there at 0830 on a Monday with the application; just a handful of people waiting; that number swelled to two handfuls by 0900. Was given pole position by guards, and was met by a friendly lady with good English skills, explained my case, she explained the procedure, no further questions asked (I had prepared a hotel booking just in case), was out by 0910. The visum was then shown on a special webpage as pluckable for Thursday. Got there on Friday , arrived at 0855, similar "crowds", similar procedure. The desired entry/exit-dates where rechecked by the same lady; I paid 55 USD (German passport) and was out by 0910 again. A very relaxed and professional handling, a friendly window of Uzbekistan to the world. Thank you. G.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by Mikolaj »


I do not know if it is still relevant as there were many changes to be implemented over the past year.

I (Polish citizen) applied without LOI in Dushanbe at the begining of June.
Applied on Monday. On Friday my online status was still not updated. Nevertheless, I decided to go to the Embassy. I told them that my arrival date to Uzbekistan on the visa form is tomorrow (Saturday) and have to receive this visa today (Friday). They told me to wait and...in the meantime stamped my passport with visa :D So in total 4d waiting time.

Seems that they really do not do any background check on you and just give you the visa faster with LOI bc its a rule.

Also be careful how many days you ask for - they will issue visa for those exact days (in my case 20 what was more than I needed - I spend there 14d cycling to Kazakhstan) so ask for 30 (max).

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