Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by peter »

we went to the Uzbekistan Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan today to get our visas.
we got our LOIs beforehand from StanTOURS, traveling on a Dutch and Canadian passport.
we arrived at the embassy at around 10:30am. There were many locals already waiting outside the door to get in. We ran into two other travelers who arrived a little before us. They told us that they initially were allowed to get though without waiting in line, but then were sent back out to the queue.
We waited together for about 1.5 hours smashed in the crowed in the heat before we were allowed in.

Once at the desk, they asked for our passports, passport copies, photos, LOIs and the printed application forms. They stapled the photos to the forms and told us to wait outside. At some point, we were asked for a new entry date as the dates on our form was for four days ago. They kindly helped us change it without a problem.

We waited until 13:45, after all the locals got their 7-day visas. We were the last ones called in, and we successfully received a single-entry 30-day visa after paying USD75 each.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by wolferl69 »


Usbekistan visa (US$ 75,- for 30 days) in 7 days without LOI, even we don´t need LOI... Saw travelers with LOI, got their visa on the spot. We had time to wait, cause Russian and Kazak Visa also needed to apply.

Greetings Wolfi
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by Karoutcho »

Hi there !

We have a french passport and didn't want to :
- pay a not needed LOI
- wait 7 days to get our visa

~~~~ Short version ~~~~
We applied in Bishkek, and got it in Dushanbe "on the spot". Almost no wait (5mn in Bishkek, a couple of hours in Dushanbe).
Fixed dates (but we could change the dates in Dushanbe).
75$ each.

~~~~ Long version ~~~~
22/08 :
We applied in Bishkek. It took 5 minutes everything included. (For more details, see there http://caravanistan.com/forum/viewtopic ... 0&start=30). As we are cycling, the friendly guy told us (in Bishkek) we would have a three months window to enter in Uzbekistan, starting from the 20st september as we asked. Perfect : we didn't know how long it would take to cycle to Dushanbe.

Yesterday (5/10) :
I came alone to the embassy in Dushanbe. Said that me and my girlfriend applied in Bishkek.
"You have to fill a form, with picture and photocopy of passeport as everybody."
I tried to explain myself, but no application form, no visa.
It was a cold shower for us, because we definitely cannot wait 7 days for this visa.
But no choice... I went to the next building, I had with me the previous application form we did in Bishkek, but the guy really wanted to fill up the form again for me (in russian this time). When he asked, I told him the date of entry would be the 23rd of october (instead of the 20st of september as previously asked).
When I had those new piece of paper, the embassy was already closed. The guy told me to come back at 7am today.

Today (6/10) :
I was at the embassy at 7.45am... 150 person were already waiting in front of the door.
I came to the soldier who wrote my name on a list. At the official openning hours of 9am, I was the 12th on the queue.
The english speaking guy at the desk recognised me, and said : "you already applied in Bishkek, right ?"
Yep. He took my application form and my passport. And he asked me to wait outside.

Surprise. After waiting one hour, people started to get hteir visa. That's just when I realised I didn't have the money to pay for the visa !!! I went on every bankomat I crossed, impossible to find one single ATM working. Apparently, only Kazkom Bank can help. I ended up at the fancy Hyatt Regency Hotel 5km away, Bingo !!

I went back to the embassy, the pocket full of dollar bills, it was 11.50am, 10mn before closing time...
Almost no queue. The passports were ready, just had to pay the 150$ (two french passports).

But that's not the end of the story... I checked the dates : the visas started from TODAY, and not from the 23rd as asked. I told them.
"But you didn't tell us, right ?"
I didn't. But it was written on my application form.
Hopefully I checked !! Few minutes later, I had my passports back, with the new dates written by hand on the visas...

Conclusion :
Getting a uzbek passport without waiting and without LOI (when not needed) seems to be easy : just ask in Bishkek and pick it up in Dushanbe Sorry for the long message !


Hope it helps,
Karoutcho !
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by naomi.trego »


According to Embassy of Uzbekistan to the United States's website (https://www.uzbekistan.org/consular/vis ... uirements/) and the US Embassy in Tashkent (I called today, 16 June 2017, to confirm.) "for US tourists an invitation letter from Uzbekistan is NOT required." We knew the policy but unfortunately the embassy itself didn't know the policy. We're currently trying to figure this situation out but just be forewarned that as of today they don't know about the bilateral agreement and said we had to have a LOI. We know other Americans have gotten their visas without LOI at other embassies (such as Bishkek) so it might just be that this one embassy doesn't yet know what's going on...
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by olmo »

Applied and got our Visas in Dushanbe, July 2017. Two German passports.

Documents: As listed elsewhere, application forms printed out, passport copies, passport pictures. No invitation.
Applied: Friday morning
Received visa: Friday noon a week later, $75.

Embassy is super chaotic, as mentioned before. There are loads of people and no line, everyone pushes and pokes and yells. As the line is outside, you will be out in the blistering sun or rain, whatever there may be. We arrived by 9.30 or so, took us about 30 minutes to get the guard's attention (basically waving our passports as close in front of of him as possible, like everyone else in the hope he would have mercy and notice ours have different colors). There is a list and names are called off that list, however the 2nd time we were there early enough and he would just not put our names down (due to the chaos no idea why). And people with their names on the list were still in the huddle, for whatever reason? Anyways, your mileage may vary and just prepare for an unpleasant experience.

Once in, handed in our forms and were told to come back in a week. Passport stayed with us.

Next Friday, same chaos, once in we could leave our passports with the person on the right. Then wait. An hour or so later, you will hear your name called out, listen carefully! That means you may come in, pay $75 per person, confirm the dates (we could choose the starting date, did not have to match what we wrote on the application form), and receive visa and passport back. If you are lucky, you may just have enough time left to color copy the new visa and head off to the Turkmen embassy before they close!

From several others we can confirm that with invitation, or an application made at a different embassy, you can skip the first week and get the visa same day. Also changing dates seems to be no problem. Not sure if 30 days within 60 would have been possible, but since you are already in Dushanbe you should have a pretty good idea when you can cross the border ... :)
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Embassy report - Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by shqs »

Yesterday I went to the Uzbek embassy in Dushanbe. Arrived at 845, opens at 9, by 915 I had handed in my previously completed application and LOI I got through Caravanistan, and by 1115 I had my visa for the correct dates and length (30 days) as requested. The process was fairly wild with some crushing in lineups, etc but not bad at all. Super pleased.
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by daway »

Easy. You can skip the line as a foreigner. They will give you your desired dates if you ask (doesn't have to match LOI, actually they just glanced at the LOI). They rejected my form at first since the printer cut off a margin but there's a print and copy office a few doors down. $160 for a 15 day single entry as US citizen. Even with the form mishap, took about 45 min. They say they close at noon but will stay open to finish processing (I got mine around 12:15)
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by janji »

Tried to apply for transit visa, 3 working days of waiting, pickup of fourth day. I got 2 entries, 1 month validity and enormous price 90usd because it was "urgent".
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by pronetowander »

March 14, 2018

Single-entry tourist visas. Applied on a Wednesday morning and told to return the following Tuesday with results posted to the website in advance.

USA passports - $160 (no matter what age)
German and Chinese passports - $55 (16 yo and up)
French, Chinese, and Estonian passports - free (15 yo and under)

Applications printed out on the e-visa form with one passport photo glued to the top right corner and a black and white copy of the bio page of the passport stapled behind it. Nothing else needed. We kept passports and were told to come back on Tuesday and pay then (if the visas are given).
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Re: Embassy report: Uzbek visa in Dushanbe

Post by GCW »

Things really have gotten better since the easing of restrictions. UK passport, applied online and went with completed application form, passport photo and copy of passport on Friday, was told to check the following Tuesday/Wednesday. Was updated online by the Tuesday morning and just got a chance to pick it up today at a cost of 55USD for a British citizen.
I regret not waiting to pick it up as I applied for 7 days (which were granted) but the visa is valid for 30 days from the pick up. I am not leaving for a couple of weeks, so in terms of flexibility I could have made my life easier.
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