Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

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Re: Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Tajik embassy in tehran below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Tajik visa page.
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Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

Post by Kapesta »

The alternative title to this topic could be "The Undiplomatic Diplomat". What follows is our (1 Austrian & 2 German guys) experience applying for the Tadjikistan visa at the embassy in Tehran. I'll try to keep it brief. :lol:

Reading many reports from other embassies we hoped that in Tehran the visa could be issued equally quick and hassle free as our time was unfortunately rather limited. These hopes were, at first, however dashed when we heard that the normal visa process takes "At least 7 days, but maximum 10 days". In a turnaround of events we then found out through a telephone call to the embassy (they picked up on approximately our 7th attempt) that with the express option we could get a visa "Maybe same day, probably next day, but maximum 3 days". As we however needed a letter of recommendation from our own embassies, we could no longer start the process as our own embassies had by now closed.
Starting early the next day, we all got our letters of recommendation and made our respective ways to the Tadjikistan Embassy. Our austrian friend got there first around 10am, applied for the express visa and was told to come back the next day at 10am. As the german embassy was further away, we showed up at 1:30pm and were told to wait till lunch time was over at 2pm. At which time the door was promptly opened and the nice lady asked us for all our documents, told us the normal process would mean we should come back in six days, and that the visa would cost 25Euros. As this was too late for us we also inquired about the express visa, were told it would double the price and would be ready in an hour, we just needed to leave our passports with her.
Letting our Austrian friend know that we would be able to pick it up earlier than him, all 3 of us returned to the embassy an hour later where the fun was to begin.. It was apparent that they only started to process our visas from the moment we returned to pick it up. When the window opened our Austrian friend pleaded his case and was told he could get his visa with us, the nice lady then informed us that our visas no longer cost 50USD/Visa but 70USD/Visa. This was because we had applied for 45 days, under the impression that the length of the visa had no influence on its price. (On their website there is no mention of an increased price for a longer visa). As this was out of our budget and we could not/did not want to pay, a lengthy, increasingly heated discussion followed between us and the nice lady who was acting as a translator for the consul. Our Austrian friend was then used as a bargaining chip by the Consul who then informed us that our Austrian friend could no longer get his visa same day as "[we] made the consul angry", the problem being that our visas had already been stuck into our passports and could not be altered or rather the consul did not want to alter them (or declare them invalid and issue new ones). In a brief lull in the discussion we checked our visas and discovered that the consul had gotten his visas mixed up and put them in the wrong passports. Showing them the error ended up defusing the situation as all three passports were then taken back, we were told "wait!", and the window slammed shut. Out of curiousity we checked the time and 16 minutes later the window openend, and with a brief "Mister!" our two passports unceremoniously dumped on the window sill. This time with the correct visas, although now only with 30 days validity. A short while later, our Austrian friend also got his visa complete with the 45 days he had asked for and so we left the embassy, crossing "Make a consul angry" off our list of things to do while travelling.

In Summary;
- Getting a visa for Tajikistan in Tehran is possible
- Normal process takes 6-10 days
- Express process takes 1 hour - 3 days (our feeling was the best time to go was just after lunch as then the Consul is there and the lady can directly ask him how long it will take)
- Standard Visa is 30days and costs 25EUR
- Longer Visa is 45days and costs 35EUR
- Express process doubles the price of the Visa
- GBAO permit is not possible
- Payment is done in EURO direct at the embassy
- necessary documents are:
  • 1x Application form (Link Here, fill it out on a computer and print it),
    1x letter of recommendation from your embassy. (25EUR for Germans to be paid in Rials, ~40EUR for Austrians to be paid in EUR)
    1x passport photo
    1x copy of passport
- GPS of the embassy is: 35.814484, 51.474574 (Zeynali st, alley 3, house 10)
- it helps if you don't piss off the consul :D
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Re: Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

Post by Kierunek-Wschod »

Quick update - from July 2015. Just got my Tadjik visa in Tehran. Everything that the earlier post by Kapesta said holds true. I got a 45 day visa to Tadjikistan, without GBAO permit, with next-day pick up, for 85 USD. For 30 days it would cost 70 USD.

I also needed a recommendation letter from my embassy (Polish - at no cost, possible to make at the Polish embassy the same day).

If you're lucky, you will talk to a very nice woman behind the window. If not, the other men don't speak good English, and are not even half as helpful or polite as her.

Truth also is, that the visa is hand-written on the spot - so if you don't opt for the urgent service, and come for the visa after few days - it will still be hand-written on the spot. Strange :)
Good luck everyone with getting YOUR visas!
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Re: Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

Post by evanrprice »

Applied at the embassy at 2pm as suggested here, the english speaking woman had just arrived so things went smoothly - I asked for the 45 days and urgent processing - I submitted the documentation along with $75 but did not have to leave my passport (I had the exact amount so not sure about change) and was told to return the next day at 10:30am. Returned the next day, handed in my passport and they stuck in the visa and wrote it out there and then. No GBAO permit available here.

On the rare chance there is another South African passing through - I got the required letter from your embassy from the South African embassy on the same day in Tehran and they were very efficient and issued it 20 minutes.
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Re: Embassy Report: Tajikistan Visa in Tehran

Post by Bart-Jan »

Hi all,
Applied for my Tajik visa yesterday. As I went here straight after I got the necessary letter from the Dutch embassy I arrived during lunch time, 1:30 or so. However after a knock on the little window they still opened and accepted the paperwork. At first I was told to wait and they would issue the visa on the spot. After a few minutes someone came out and I was told I couldn't get a visa because the entry date was 3 months in the future. I decided to be honest and told them I travelled on foot and it would be impossible to get the visa in Turkmenistan and difficult to do it in Uzbekistan. That did the trick but I was now told to come back next day at 14:00 to collect the visa. Though this seemed strange to me I didn't want to push my luck so went back there today and got my visa. Price as before, €70 for express 45 day visa.
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