Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

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Re: Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the Tajik embassy in Istanbul below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Tajik visa page.
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Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by losjuajos »

Hello all, been using this website to find info for my trip for a while so here's something back. :D

We (2 UK citizens) got our visas today at - 14 Halkalı Caddesi, Şevketpaşa konağı, Yeşilköy, Bakırköy/İstanbul.

Forms were provided there, no passport photocopy required, just 2 passport photos. Got 30 day double entry visa, only asked for 30 days as I believed that to be the max but having just re read this website sure 45 would have been accepted. $25 for 3 day processing or $50 for same day, payments made direct to them, paid $50 and got passport back in 30min, total time from arriving to getting the visa 1hour. Can confirm as previously said unfortunately no GBAO permit available, told it must be obtained in Dushanbe. Super friendly and seemed genuinely intrigued by our motorbike/vespa trip.
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Re: Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by bwv812 »

Thanks for the info.

I think a lot of people would be intrigued by a Vespa trip to Central Asia; I know I am.
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Re: Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by breakfastbuffets »

I went to the Tajik Consulate in İstanbul yesterday too (29 May) and I pretty much had the same experience. I arrived at 1pm and was told to collect my passport and visa at 2pm. I ended up getting my visa at 3pm as I think the Consul was out for lunch. Nevertheless, I spent a good 45 mins or so answering questions from the very friendly staff about Singapore (I'm a Singapore citizen).

Other points:
-Paid $50 (same-day processing) direct to the Consulate without going to the bank.
-Printed out the application form beforehand. I had two passport photos but they only took one in my case.
-Got a 30-day single entry visa (I'm flying into Dushanbe and leaving via Bishkek).
-No GBAO permit issued. One staff told me I can get it in Dushanbe while another told me it was "temporarily suspended." Not sure what that meant but it could have referred to just the Consulate itself.
-Took bus 72T from the bus stop underneath Taksim Square and alighted at the 'Çocuk Parkı' stop. Short walk to the Consulate thereafter. Total journey time from Taksim was about 1.5hrs for me one-way.

If you need to ask anyone for directions once you have alighted the bus, you can just ask a shopkeeper: "Tacikistan Başkonsololuğu nerede?" But I guess a simple "Tajikistan" will suffice. I asked the simitci (simit seller) at the junction between İstasyon Caddesi and Halkalı Caddesi and he very expertly pointed me to the Consulate.
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Tajik consulate, Istanbul


Just want to share my experience with this consulate.

I requested express visa $50 fee
After handing over reqmnts(2 filled up form, 2 photos, passport copy)
They will ask you to deposit the money to YapiKredi bank in Florya, we first went to a branch about 10 min walk from consulate, they told us they charge a 34 TL($16) commission fee, so the teller directed us to the main branch, we took a taxi about 7 mins to town center of Florya,14 TL. There commission was 5TL. the bank to get a ticket number, you press on the auto ticketer, press Acc#, type in the account #that Tajik consul gave you on a piece of paper,then press cash deposit.I thought i share this as it drove us nuts to get it right. So then taxi back to consulate, we waited a bit after being let in to the compound as the visa section(out back)is small, then from the time we handed back our passport and bank receipt it took 30 mins, all in all about 2 hours from the beginning, it just a lot of running around to pay but consul staff were friendly.I was there at 9:40am, done by 11:50am, visa handwritten, remember to check dates as it is specific.They gave me 30 days, thats all I need,but 45 days is available,same cost, no GBAO permit issued here.

To get there:

I was staying at Sirkeci area so took the 81 bus, the stop is on a big square near the Yeni mosque and Spice bazzar, accross it is the beginning of the Galata bridge,you will see a glass shed with bus 81 sticker on the wall. I missed my stop near the consulate!ended up at the end point of bus at Yesilkoy, but took a taxi and its not far 7 TL, The stop was supposed to be Gazi Evrenos but i never saw it! Anyway to check for bus sched, go to The consulate is in Yesilkoy bus route.

From consulate took taxi to airport 16 TL about 10 mins to pick up the metro subway to town, bus comes every hour or so..

I hope this helps, goodluck!!
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Re: Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by Alma »

Got my Tajik business visa from there some months ago. The consulate was easy to find, a cosy little building in a very cosy neighbourhood close to Atatürk Airport.
The bank, YapiKredi, is NOT a 30 min walk away. It is on the other side of the airport, in a different suburb. Ask the friendly consulate staff to write you the address of where the bank to pay is located. You can take a taxi to go there, there are also dolmus, but I never found out which one. 110 USD for 3 month business visa, 1 day turnaround (special discount, usually 1 day visa is double price = 220 USD). In the bank you pay in Lira, so check the exchange rate to make sure you have enough.
Very friendly staff, English and Russian spoken. I was the only person there that day, I think.
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Re: Report: Tajikistan Visa In Istanbul

Post by mwes3403 »

10/05/2016 (10th May) UPDATE

Arrived at embassy at 14:30 on Monday and was told visa department closed early, possibly due to low number of customers. Security guard was nice and rang the visa person to confirm opening time the next day (09:30).

Arrived back at 09:30 on Tuesday, handed our application form over, 2 passport photos, photocopy of passport. Waited in the embasssy for an hour whilst the visa person was doing something. Was asked a couple of things, like booking confirmation for hostel. We didn't have one and told him we hadn't booked yet. He seemed annoyed but let it go. Would recommend bringing even a fake booking confirmation just in case.

NEW BANK; Payment is by US DOLLARS so highly recommend bringing either US$25 or US$50 before you attend. Otherwise there is cash exchange nearby. New bank is just around corner from embassy (Ziraat Bankasi).

I paid US$50 and was told visa will take 3 hours. My friend paid $25 and was told 5 working days.

Hope some of this helps!
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