Report: Azeri consulate in Batumi, Georgia

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Embassy Report: Azerbaijan Visa in Batumi or Tbilisi

Post by freetwowheel »

American Passports:
May 1, 2015, Batumi: no stickers for the visa, we were directed to go to Tbilisi. This also happened for a German and a Canadian that tried the same time we did.
May 8, 2015, Tbilisi: 4 days, no LOI, used print outs for proof of stay. $160 per person
I asked about the "tourist" visa, but was not really given an answer.
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Re: Embassy Report: Azerbaijan Visa in Batumi or Tbilisi

Post by Linda »

April 21, 2015, Batumi:
Swiss passport, 3 days of processing (applied on Tuesday, got it on Friday), no LOI, 60€ for 30 days, very friendly.
First he said it would take 4 days of processing, but after chatting for a while and explaining him that I am cycling, he agreed to do it in 3 days.
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Paul Max
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Report: Azeri consulate in Batumi, Georgia

Post by Paul Max »

Belgian citizen here.

I got my Azeri visa last week in Batumi because the latest info here said it took 3 days, whereas Tbilisi took a full week. Turns out it takes a full week at Batumi, and the guy said it only took 3 days in Tbilisi. Oh well. I got it in Batumi because I was already there and I didn't know what surprises awaited me in Tbilisi. Process was simple, all I needed was a copy of passport, 2 pictures, and to fill out the application on site. Payment was 90 GEL and made in cash at a bank 500m away. Consulate is easy to find, it's just off the center square of the old town.

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Re: Batumi no longer issuing Visas for Azerbaijan

Post by steven »

This topic is closed. All questions and reports on the Azeri consulate in Batumi are now centralised into this topic:
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Re: Report: Azeri consulate in Batumi, Georgia

Post by Pacdreaming »

On July 22nd 2015, we (French couple) got our visa to Azerbaidjan in 15 minutes in Batumi. As our experience is very different from previous ones, here is a quick report:
* We showed up at 9.45am. One guard told us it was closed "Come tomorrow", another one "Open at 11, wait". We just sat in front of the Consulate. The Consul arrived around 10.30am, was very happy to chat in French and told us to wait till 11.
* At 11.10am, we were allowed in. The man asked for: 2 passport photos, (fake) hotel booking, passeports and 40 euros each (cash). We had to partially fill in a form he gave us.
* At 11.25, we were out with our (handwritten) visas.

Our impression was that we were lucky... Hope it helps !
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Re: Report: Azeri consulate in Batumi, Georgia

Post by FrankTheWhite »

Canadian citizen, applied for the visa in Batumi in August 2016. Consulate moved some time ago, Google has the previous location, which is wrong. If I recall correctly, it is on the corner of Demetre Tavdadebuli St and Parnavaz Mepe St.

-Applied on Monday morning, they said 3 to 7 working days, please come back on Friday.
-Came back on Thursday, all guards said it was closed, but don't listen to them. The reality is that it's always opened, every day from 10am to about 6pm, but applications are handed over between 10 and 12 Monday-Wednesday-Friday I think. You can come back any time of the day and push a bit to get an update on your visa. The guards let people in one at a time, but you can talk directly to the employees through a fenced window from the outside of the building, many people did that successfully, you just have to be insisting.
-Came back on Friday, visa could in theory be issued, but systems issues apparently.
-Came back Monday, handed over passport around 10:30 am, got it back around 4pm with a completed visa, date specific.

Total time: 6 working days.

Something interesting that was mentioned by the employee there, Batumi officials used to be able to decide themselves if the visa could be issued or not for a specific individual. This is not the case anymore, apparently they submit the info electronically to the Azerbaijan government and wait for a reply to issue the visa. It might means no more visas issued quickly as it was before.

Consulate in Batumi is chaotic, guards do not respect who came in first, it's whoever is more aggressive that will go in first. You learn that quickly when you're there first, but get in last. :) Don't be afraid to be pushy ! Oh and, when they say be there at 4pm, they can leave you hanging there for 2 hours without saying anything, which was seriously annoying and left a lot of people pissed off. However, when you do get to speak to the employees, they are very nice. A bit of a lack of proper communication I suppose... Anyway, I would suggest trying in Tbilisi as there are more things to do while waiting for the visa, and the experience might be a lot less annoying. Batumi consulate was a bit of a bummer.
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Re: Report: Azeri consulate in Batumi, Georgia

Post by levelo »

Late August 2016.
European Citizen, French passport.

The consulate has moved to its new location ( on the same street as the Iranian consulate ), they are currently revamping the building but it is operational. Bit of a mess though.
Applied on Monday morning, was directed to the travel agency across the street ( Medea Seyahat ) where for 10/15 laris an employee types and fills in the forms for you, does the photocopies ( passport front page and hotel reservation which is compulsory ). I was told to come back 3 or 4 working days later, they don't keep the passport.
On Day 3 I went back in the afternoon, my application had been approved, and I was sent to pay the 35 Euro fee at their bank a few blocks down.
Came back, handed my passport over through the window, and 10 minutes later the sticker was in my passport.
They messed up with the dates though : my one month visa started running from the date of issue, not 2 weeks later as I had asked. A real drag but there was nothing I could do about it.

Good luck to all.
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