Embassy Report: Kazakh Embassy in Dushanbe

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Re: Embassy Report: Kazakh Embassy in Dushanbe

Postby steven » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:09 am

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Kazakhstan in Dushanbe below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports of the Kazakhstan visa page.
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Embassy Report: Kazakh Embassy in Dushanbe

Postby Kapesta » Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:35 pm

Hi all,

Just got our Kazakh Visas in Dushanbe. Obviously things are in a period of transition at the moment, but we wanted to be safe and get one anyway rather than be stuck at a border. Very standard procedure.
- Fill out application form at embassy, hand it in together with photocopy of your passport and tajik visa (consul was kind enough to copy the visa for us), and a passport photo
- Return a few days later (we went back exactly one week later, but 3 days later would also have been fine) in the morning and get a slip of paper with payment details for the bank.
- Go to the bank, pay (30USD for a german passport), and return in the afternoon with the reciept.
- Watch your visa get stuck in your passport :D
- Embassy is located at: 38.568404N, 68.788823E (Huseinzoda street 31)
- Bank is located at: 38.5637945N, 68.7939942E (Ayni street 24a)
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