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Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby steven » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:35 am

Please chime in with your questions and reports on the Chinese e-visa below.

We summarize all information on the China visa page.

You can apply for the e-visa through Ivisa.
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Re: Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby josetxo » Thu May 02, 2019 2:22 pm

A few questions on the e-visa.

We are a couple of Spanish nationals living in the UK who plan to start our trip in north Pakistan, where we will spend 1 week in the Karakoram Highway and then cross the border to Xinjiang. Given the situation in Xinjiang, we will probably stay there for only 5-6 days before we depart to Osh via Irkestam Pass.

(1) Does the e-visa state the point of entry and the date of entry in China? I believe I have read in caravanistan that, in order to get a Chinese visa to visit Xinjiang, it is recommended not to mention you are going to Xinjiang and, instead, book some re-fundable flights and a hotel room somewhere else in China and, once you get the visa, cancel the flights and the hotel. Based on that, I assumed the answer to this question is no, but I want to be sure about this.
(2) Can you, therefore, enter China from a different point and on a different date than those stated in the e-visa application (in the flights booking)? I assume the answer is yes and yes, and that we could use the e-visa to enter China by land from Pakistan and not necessarily on the exact date of the flights we use for the visa application only...
(3) It seems this visa is single-entry and valid for 15 days and that 'the visa has to be used within 15 days of it being issued', does this mean that (a) you have to enter China within 15 days of the visa being issued or that (b) you have to both enter and leave China within those 15 days? I checked the Ivisa website and I am still a bit confused about this. Again, I assume the answer is (a) because (b) would not make any sense...

I just want to make sure that we could get our e-visa being issued and posted to our home address a few days before flying to Pakistan (where we will stay around 1 week before crossing the border to China) and then be able to enter China in time (within the next 15 days from the date the e-visa is issued) and that the validity of the e-visa does not expire while in Xinjiang as long as we do not stay there for more than 15 days.

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Re: Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby BakuBound » Thu May 02, 2019 2:52 pm

I would be very reluctant to go that route.

First, I have never heard of anyone actually using that "e-visa."

Second, Pakistan immigration at Sost will not let you proceed to China unless you have a Chinese visa. Will they recognize this "e-visa"?

Sounds too risky for me.
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Re: Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby josetxo » Mon May 06, 2019 8:03 am

Thank you, Bakubound. Yes, it sounds a bit risky...
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Re: Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby Cwhight » Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:07 pm

Hi, has anyone actually used one of these visas? I’m hoping to go in July and would save me a lot of hassle not to have to apply in person - I’m particularly concerned about the apparent need for fingerprinting to get any visa.
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Re: Chinese e-visa Q&A

Postby cassiopeiared » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:14 pm

Up! Anybody there who has used iVisa for a group visa (2 people) as suggested in the Chinese Visa section of Caravanistan?
Got in touch with them by chat, and they insist that no fingerprints are needed, however, the official statement from the Chinese Consulate in Italy says that starting from November you need go go physically to their Visa Center (Milan, Florence or Rome) for fingerprints, in order to get a Visa.
So, any further advice/experience would be needed.
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