Iranian visa extension in Tehran

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Re: Iranian visa : About extension in Tehran, Kashan and Shi

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the visa extension process for embassy visas in Tehran below.

We have a separate topic for reports about the visa extension process for visa on arrival in Tehran.

We summarize all info in the Iran visa extension page.
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Iranian Visa Extension Tehran

Post by judefoon »

Just some more info about Visa extension in Iran. This is for Tehran. We successfully extended out Airport Visa (which was 16 days) by a further 16 days and our friend got her second visa extension here as well (German, Austrian, Australian passports).
I don't know the address (neither did our Iranian friend) but here are the directions.

Take Metro line 2 to Tehran Pars.
Take the left exit.
Once out of the Metro station, walk left down the street that you find yourself on.
Then take the 4th street to the left. Walk to the end and turn right. About 50m on your right you will see an official looking building with officers sitting inside. There is a guy working there at the moment (Jan 2014) who peaks perfect english and who is very friendly. He took us up to the boss guy and explained what we wanted. We then had to pay a small amount for a pink folder, fill out 2 forms and pay. They have a system there where you can buy the bank Melli forms (the guy will show you) instead of trekking to the bank. You pay an extra 50 toman for this. The extension cost the usual 300 toman. When we went to hand all this in they initially said we had to wait a week. DON'T accept this. Make a bit of a fuss. We did and it then changed to next day pick up. Our Iranian friend said this is normal and as long as you say you need it the next day and carry on a bit they will back down.
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Re: Iranian Visa Extension

Post by richard747 »

Some more detailed information about Tehran.
GPS coordinates:
35°43.70' N
51°31.92' E
The office is on Parvin Blvd, a 5 minute walk south of Tehranpars metro station. At the metro station take the left exit (there's a sign saying Parvin Blvd), then go left (south) on Okhovat St. Take the fourth left (Mahdizadeh St), then sharp right at the end. You are now on Parvin Blvd. After 50 meters there is an entrance to a guardhouse on your right.

Outside, a man sells prepaid bank receipts for 35.000 toman (300.000 rial for the extension, 50.000 rial commission). Alternatively, you can pay 300.000 rial at a bank nearby.

Two passport photos are needed. Forms to be filled out are given, while copies of passport, Iranian visa and entry stamp can be made on the spot.

I arrived late, applied by 13:30 and picked up my passport with the extension the following day. Two French cyclists applied at 09:00 and received the extension at noon.
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Frogs On Wheels
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Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Frogs On Wheels »

Hi there

We extended today our visas in Tehran. It took one hour and got an extra month easily.

Hereafter is the address you have to show up to extend your visa. We first went to the one on Vali Asr avenue, north to the intersection with Zartosht street (metro station Shohada-e Resaneh, line 3) but we've been told by the police officers that we couldn't extend our visas here. Apparently, Afghanis can, but the other foreigners have to go to Tehranpars.

So they gave us a little piece of paper written in Farsi with the address on it. Don't trust the taxi drivers or some other applicants inside the building telling you there is no metro going over there and trying to help you to catch a cab. It is at the far east of the town, unless you want to burn your cash in a taxi and waste your time in the traffic jam, take a subway.

Once off the "Tehranpars" metro station, head south on a little street until a three-street intersection. Turn left and you will be there within two minutes.

After the reception, turn left in front of the main entrance and walk up the little white staircase. Walk up at the third floor, pass a little copy desk and in front of you some people queuing in front of the police officer's desk. Once it is your turn, ask for a visa extension and how long you expect. He will give you two copies of an application form and he will ask you to come back with the necessary documents and the receipt of the payment the bank will give you.

Once back, you can directly go to see the soldier sat on the right when you enter the room. You can't miss him, he's surrounded by people trying to get their blue or pink folders. Here, don't calmly wait for your turn like you did in front of the police officer's desk. Do like the others and give your papers at any cost. Well, at least 5000 IRR to get the pink folder while the soldier is stapling your documents.

Present yourself to the desk with a little sign and "visa extension" written on it. She will get your documents inserted in the pink folder and your passport and she will give you back a paper with the date you can come back to retrieve your visa. We've been asked to come back 2 days later. In order to not to wait, we explained her (well, we tried since she didn't speak English) that we needed our passports and asked if there was a way to get our visa extended today. She first refused. Meanwhile, one of us was already back to the queue to meet the police officer and explain him the situation (he is friendly and speaks a good English by the way). After the lady from the visa extension box joined him, we told the officer we needed our passport today (visa to be done the next day, leaving Tehran the same night, find something) and he eventually accepted our request. He asked us to wait an hour. 15 minutes later we left the immigration center with our passports stamped and the visa extended.

The day we went over there (a Monday), we had 3 days left before the end of the visa. They extended our visa from the end of the original visa, giving us 32 extra days (they just check the date you enter, e.g. 15 of the month and put an expiring date on the 15th, 2 months later). It took totally 1 hour to get our visa (payment at the bank included), showing up at 11h30. Get your copies before arriving since there is a long queue at the copy box you can find inside.


Here is the list of documents


- 2 filled-in application forms (one of them is stamped by the police officer)

- receipt of Melli Bank (visa extension costs 345.000 IRR)

- 1 copy of the first page of your passport

- 1 copy of your visa (including the entry date stamp)

- 2 pictures

- extra 5000 IRR to the soldier in order to get the pink folder

Total cost : 350.000 IRR (about 10€ or 11$)


Opening hours :


Saturday-Wednesday 7h30-13h45

Thursday 7h30-11h45

Friday closed




Tehran Pars
Parvin boulevard
Metro station Tehranpars (line 2)

Coordinates of the immigration center
35.728451 51.532226

Coordinates of Melli Bank
35.725816 51.524694

We also tried to extend our visas in two other towns while visiting the country :

- Shiraz : very friendly, English spoken but you have to apply for an extension the day before the expiring date on your visa. They renew it the same day.

- Kashan : possible to extend there too. Though they can't do it on-site and have to send your documents and passport in Tehran. Would have taken 3-4 days. The building is in this street : coord 33.980195 51.462377. You can't miss the police building. When you are in front of the main entrance, go left and turn around the building. You will see another open door. If you're lost, ask for "jandarmari" to some locals. They will show you the way.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by lesmolletsauvages »

we went todeay to extend our visas an we did exactly as said above.... And thank you SO much for this message, it was exactly as you said, in less than two hours we got our passport with 1 month extention, without a problem. Just be really friendly with the officials, and it should be ok.
Be carefull because at the belgium ambassy they gave us wrong adress, the good one in on parvin boulevard.
And girls, don't do like me, don't forget that the pictures have to be with the scarf for the extension ! They had it for us on photoshop for 10000 rials ;) Funny
Thanks again for all those precious infos
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Re: Iranian Visa Extension

Post by ivars »

Somewhat a late update, but better later than never, right? :)
Maybe it still helps someone - our experience with extension, April 2015
(I post here a part of my blog article, if you are interested about the rest of the story about Iran, you can read it here).

You can extend your visa in every capital of Iran’s provinces. Just find the Police office that deals with passports and alien affairs. It seems that there is more than one of those in Tehran. Go extend when the time of your visa is almost up (last three days of it) if you don’t want to be sent away. As for the best place to get the extension – one can only speculate which places are the easiest but in reality it all comes down to the people working in the office and their mood on each particular day.

You will need – 2 copies of passport; 2 copies of Iranian visa; 2 passport-sized pictures, 345000IRR to be paid at Bank Melli, 5000IRR to be paid for forms which you get in the office and fill out.

Police office we went to is on Parvin Blvd [GPS: 35.7283, 51.5320], 300m south from 2nd lines’ station TehranPars, the office opens 7:30am (Persian working days).

Closest Bank Melli [GPS: 35.7258, 51.5246], 750m southwest from the police dept., First Square Tehran Pars, open from 7:30am.

Extension was given for 30 days from the end date of our visas.

We also tried ISFAHAN, the police department is located on Rudaki St [GPS: 32.6300, 51.6327]. But it was when we still had about a week left, they sent us away.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Bart-Jan »

I went to extend my visa today. Thanks to the perfect descripion above and some luck, there was no soldier but a helpful woman instead who just took my pasport when I came for the pink envelope, took it straight to the right person and came back in a few minutes with a 30 day extension, it took me about an hour in total mainly because it was very busy, but no problems at all. I didn't pay for the pink envelope but that might have been because of the nice lady, price for the extension didn't change in 2016.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by David »


The address of the office (Central Police Department of Immigration and Passports) changed. Apart from that not much changed, needed documents and prices are the same, but you can pay directly, so you don't have to go to the bank anymore. More details below:

We extended our visa in Tehran in end of April 2016. First we went to the address near "Tehranpars" metro station. Some soldiers where there and they gave us the new address. Now it is much closer to the center, close to the "Shahid Mofatteh" metro station (Line 1, red). When you leave the metro follow the "Motahari Ave" to the west (about 300 to 400 meters) until you reach the corner with "Kooh e Noor St".
The Department is in that corner, you can't miss it as it looks like all official buildings in Iran, some flags, walls and fences.

There is a reception desk with soldiers pointing you to the right office which is in the 1st floor. They knew English, which was very helpful. In the 1st floor there are different desks, go to the one with the "Visa extension" sign, which was not crowded when we were there. The guy checked our passports and brought us to the boss, we got some forms to fill out and they also pointed us to the copy and cashier desk.

Copy and cashier desk, where you have to buy the pink folder, is in the ground floor on the right hand behind the reception desk. There you also have to pay the fee for the extension, so you don't have to go to the bank anymore. For the fee you get a receipt, which you have to bring (together with the forms, folder and copies) back to the 1st floor. Give it to another soldier in the small cabin in the left corner of the office. He checks everything roughly. Bring all the stuff back to the "Visa extension" desk. They told us it will take about 2 days for stamp and signature. Don't accept it. When we told them that we leave at the same day by bus, we waited for not more than 20 minutes and it was done. All process took us maybe one hour. 30 days were added at the end of our original visa.

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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by entransat »


In Teheran, is it possible to ask for a visa extension 6 or 7 days before the end of the first one ?

Thank you very much

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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by cyril »

Extended this morning, 2 days before the end of my original visa, things went exactly as David indicated.
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