Iranian visa extension in Tehran

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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Fiestje »

We extended this morning, a little week before the end of our first period of 30 days. All was done within +- 1,5 hours, we paid 375.000 rial each and got 30 days added in our passport.

- on the forms you get in the 'extension office', you have to fill in an address in Tehran. We mentioned 'N/A' but they needed an address, although they didn't care which one (hotel or something)
- in the list of required documents in the pink folder, there's mentioned that you should hand in a written request for extension, but it's not true, they don't ask for anything special, you just need the forms that you get on the spot, 2 pictures, a copy of your passport and of the original visa and the payment receipt.

GPS coordinates of the new location:
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Stefvdp »

New office location still correct and you can copy your docs in the office. Bring 2 passport pictures.

We entered iran 30 January and went to immigration police on 28 february, 2 days before national holiday.

Entered wednesday around 8.30 and we were out at about 10.00

We had a persian speaking driver who guided us through the whole process and did all the talking. He skipped every line for us and collected the forms for us. The office is very chaotic and I seriously recommend to bring a friend who speaks the language to help you. We spoke to 5 different guys on different floors in different offices. On the date of application.

They told us to come back in 5 days but our friend arranged us we could come back Saturday. When we arrived Saturday 9h30 they said we had to come back Sunday as it wasn't ready(our receipt said sunday pickup apparently) First we talked with the man in charge in the office on the first floor and he stamped our receipt so we could get it today (I think). The lady behind the regular desks told us to wait but we didn't know how long. She went through some passports reluctantly and continued her business. We Went Downstairs to the friendly guard we talked to earlier with an officer uniform and explained we had no information where are passports were and we really need them for visas. He took us to another guy on the first floor where we were told to wait 30 minutes. He was telling the truth and we got it, 30 days extension.

I'd recommend to choose a location less chaotic than tehran - unless you bring a friend. A very very busy office

Sidenote: David's info is correct. I do suspect to get your extension instantly, you have to speak to the guy behind the desk at the furthest right corner when you enter the first floor. He had a lot of papers and passports on his desk. Maybe we made the mistake to talk to the guy (in charge? ) in the bureau at the closest right corner. He wouldn't change Saturday pickup even after 5 min of asking and explaining we need it to apply for other visas.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Radelman »

Got a 30 day extension of my visa on arrival from Tehran Airport on 26.March 2017 in Tehran without an problems.
Reached the office at around 11 and got the stamp within 90 min.
The officer at the gate speaks German and English and explains the process.
Office in the first floor on the right one of the doors. Another friendly officer walks around and can help you with organizing your things.
2 copies of passport and visa and 2 photos needed. First stand in a queue to get the extension forms than pay downstairs (the officer guided me there and helped me to pay and filled in my visa form in Farsi letters. I stayed at a Couchsurfing host and gave his adress. Nobody asked for a reason or the relation to the person not they called him to ask.
After filling the form go back upstairs (the officer guided me again to the right counter) had to wait 30 min and got the extention stamp for another 30 days.

The office is very crowded and chaotic but it's easy and everyone is very friendly.

Can recommend Tehran for visa extention!
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by JefandKat »

We got a 30 day extension as well, which we never would have expected since our original visum was only for 14 days..
No questions were asked and it all went remarkably fast, just had to fill in the form, take copies downstairs (we didn't have time to copy our passports and visa before going there, it cost us a small fee and we only seemed to need one copy of each..), hand everything over and were told to wait. after about ten minutes we got our passports back with the stamp for 30 extra days. As said above, everyone was very helpful and friendly, and no questions whatsoever were asked apart from the standard form we filled in.

Definitely recommend the Tehran office for extensions!!
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Re: Iranian Visa Extension

Post by Clodo »

Update Tehran (24.05.2017)
The whole procedure took us about two hours.
You explain the reasons for stay to the manager and tell him how long you want to stay. (He gave us ten days, what matched with our Uzbek visa). Copies of visa and passport as well as pictures can be made there (about 100'000 rials). We had to pay 375'000 rials for visa directly (we did not go to a bank). Fill in two forms (You have to write down your exact address in Iran). Then we waited for about 1h and got it. Was very busy, so better be there early
Address of the police station:
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by iamacabbage »

My friend - Malaysian, he attempted to extend his visa in Mashhad and Tehran, both say they don't do extension anymore. He begged the officer in Tehran and gave him a stamp said he needed to go to Esfahan office but he cannot guarantee he can get the extension.

He also met a lady who is an exchange student and she doesn't have extension granted.

May be the policy changed in the end of 2017.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by hitchhikable »


Hi caravanistaners,

I have an update from Tehran, I went to the Immigration and Passport Police today saying I want to extend my visa. They wouldn't extend my visa because I came too early (8 days prior to expiry) but nobody told me it's impossible and they mentioned all the usual procedure for extension as described on the Caravanistan page.

When you come to the room upstairs (1st floor) try asking for Hamid - a young boy speaking English. I'm not sure what's exactly his job but other staff were calling him up all the time when they needed translation. He's friendly and would guide you through the otherwise humiliating bureaucracy.

They also mentioned you can extend in all other cities of Iran and nobody said extensions are not granted now or anything like that.

I'll update next week once I manage to extend.

Good luck!
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by hitchhikable »

Update Tehran - POSSIBLE

Hi again,

Extended today in Tehran with no problems. Nothing particularly pleasant about this experience but no problems either.

When arrived to the Immigration and Passport Police, go to the 1st floor (one up) - the only room there. First go to the "boss" who sits behind a door on the right (probably will be a queue of people standing there), no English, but show your passport and tell him you need a visa extension, he will ask probably some of the clients who speak English to translate for you, ask couple questions, take your fingerprint (with red paint) and give form (2 copies) to complete.

After this go downstairs to the copy room, show the forms to the girl sitting there, also no English - she will give you a huge pink folder that lists the necessary documents for visa extension and ask for 370000 rials. I just paid cash to her and didn't go to Bank Melli. Although this seemed suspicious nobody else asked me for money and she did attach to my pink folder what I guess was the payment slip.

Complete the forms (both copies) in English.

Bring: 1 bw copy of passport photo page, 1 bw copy of pages with current Iran visa and border entry stamp, 2 photos 3x4 (I brought same I used to apply for Iran visa). It is possible to copy also on the spot, I brought ready copies so don't know the price for copying.

Go back upstairs and submit all this, now to one of the windows - basic English spoken. Then I was given a little pink slip and told to come back on Monday (it's Thursday now), I said I'm confused why, especially as this date was already past my current visa validity! She then looked at the calendar for a while and said again "come Monday, 19 February" which in not even closest Monday, but 1.5 weeks from now! I said this makes no sense and extensions were always done immediately, so they told me to go back to the "boss" room and "ask him if I can get my passport today, if he says okay, get his signature on a slip". While still confused, I went to the line to his door and after just standing there for 5 minutes, the officer from the window called me up again and gave my passport with the extension. Not sure if this was a super-awkward bribe attempt or what else.

When they tell you to come back on another day, just insist that this doesn't make sense etc. and you need your passport now.

Summary (citizenship: Ukraine)
Extension granted: 30 days
Price: 370000 IRR, paid on the spot in cash, no bank visit
Waiting: total under 1 hour.

Let me know if you have any questions. Use it well!
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Aspirinas »

Hi all
Did my second visa extension in Tehran in late january. I got the extension but it took three working days and the officer refused to give me 30 days. He wanted to give me 15 days only and I ended up getting 20 days after some discussion.

I tried to get it the same day as it hads happened in Yazd for the first extension but they insisted that second extensions always takes more time.
Travelling on a portuguese passport.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Zuton34 »

March 2018. French Couple. 1st extension. At the central office. POSSIBLE.

Very nice people, no particular problem.
We applied 2 days before the end of the first period. They gived us 32 days from the end of the first period (probably a small calendar mistake ? Or because we tall that we were biking?)
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