Yazd: Iran visa extension

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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the visa extension process in Yazd below.

We summarize all info in the Iran visa extension page.
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Iranian Visa Extension Yazd

Post by Aymard »


I had my first visa extension (300 000 Rials) in 3 hours, with 4 days left on my visa.
They asked for copies of my passport and my visa with entry stamp, plus 2 pictures.
Melli Bank for payment is on Abuzar square.

The office is located on Kashani Street, at 100 meters from Abouzar square, a green gate on the left side (no english indication). It opens at 7:30 a.m.
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Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by walthi »

I extended my visa 8 days before it expired and got 30 days starting from the end of the initial 30 days visa (May 2015).

1. The office is far from the city centre in the southern part of town approximately 75 metres north of Abozar Square on the west side of Kashani Road. The building is behind a huge yellow brick wall and it is accessed via a small green gate. Coordinates: 31.844846, 54.385791

2. When you enter, you should check your mobile phone and get a chit to reclaim it when you leave.

3. Enter the building and go around the Afghanis (i.e., to the right as you enter); in the corner office is the main liaison for foreigner visa extensions

4. You will get a chit to go to the Bank Melli and deposit 345,000 Iranian Rial and you are ask for 2 copies of (1) the front page of your passport and (2) 2 copies of your Iranian visa / stamp page. There is a copy shop at the Abozar Square.

5. Go to the Bank Melli at the Abozar Square (Coordinates: 31.844846, 54.385791). Get the attention of one of the attendants who will fill out a deposit slip for you and ask for your passport with your details.

6. With the bank receipt, return to the office where you are asked to fill out two extension forms. Hand in the form together with the passport, 2 passport photos, bank receipt, and one copy each of your passport page and visa page.

7. You keep one copy of the passport page and the visa page. If all goes well, you can return the next day (or even that day) to collect your passport with the extended visa. You have to pay 5000 Iranian Rial to cover some administration fees.
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successful Iran visa extension in Yazd, June 2015

Post by patrickmorgan »

Successfully extended my 30 day visa for another 30 days, in Yazd. Nice guys at the office. Took 3 hours including visit to bank, copy shop and photo shop. They asked why I couldn't extend elsewhere, and accepted explanation that cycling makes this difficult. Good English spoken. Fee was IR345000.
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by thebee »

Extended my 30 day visa for another 30 days. Relatively easy process, friendly staff. Process described above by walthi is spot on - though we did not need to pay any extra "admin fee" and we got the extension the same day (did application and payment in the morning, picked up in the afternoon).

Again (as with my entry), my Canadian passport did not trigger any questions about my "guide".

Note: When I picked up my passport in the afternoon, there was a french girl there for a renewal and they seemed to be doing the renewal on the spot for her. So I suppose that's possible if you pick the right time/day!
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by loop_1 »

Extremely precise and helpful instructions. Even the Afghans were in the right place. The guy handling extensions for foreigners spoke remarkably good English, even showing off to his subordinates with fancy adjectives. He actually used the word “superfluous” when I gave him too many copies of my passport (they only need one).

I was there with my wife in April 2016, 6 days before my visa expired and 8 days before hers did. No explanations were necessary. We have Hungarian passports. We showed up at 7:30 AM, when they open, and left with our extensions in barely more than an hour, the officer saying goodbye with a very friendly “we hope to see you again”.

They do ask for a hotel but don’t check for a reservation. The only other questions were about our jobs, and you need to give a little detail. For me, it was like, doctor, what kind of doctor?, research doctor, and for my wife it was teacher, what kind of teacher?, English teacher. That’s it.

It looks like it’s a very good idea to arrive early: by the time we left the office was full of Afghans and the staff were getting cranky. The office is barely more than an hour’s walk from downtown Yazd.
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Iranian Visa Extension

Post by Radelman »

Got my extension in yazd today. 30 day extension within one hour. It couldn't be easier.
Super friendly police officer with excellent English knowledge.

He gave me an interesting note: it's possible to get up to 90 days extension (with a wink: if you ask very friendly).
He said next time ask for 90 days extension and we will do our best.
I already gave the colleagues the application form with 30 days apply so I just got the 30 days.
Be there on 7:30!
The many Afghan people annoys them a lot.
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Joanna Kaszewiak
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by Joanna Kaszewiak »

I asked for 60 days extension in Yazd telling the immigration officers I was cycling (slow) and needed to proceed for the onward visas (time-consuming) but I was refused. They took it into consideration though (or maybe just pretended) but told me I had time to arrive in Mashhad and extend there again so I just got the regular 30 days extension. Maybe you just need a better explanation.
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by Manon »

We did our visa extension in Yazd two weeks ago. Our original Iranian visa was only 15 days, but we told them that another 15 days extension was too little for us as we were cycling. They seemed to be very surprised that we only got a 2 weeks visa in the first place and accepted to give us a 30 days extension straight away. They were very friendly. The main officer, Mr Javad, speaks perfectly English and is very helpful. We arrived at 7:30 am to get the application form and bank details for the deposit. Tourists indeed don't wait, they attended us before everyone else. The bank (Melli bank), photocopy and photography shops are all very near the immigration office, on Abouzar square. We said we wanted to leave Yazd in the afternoon so we got our extension ready by 1pm. Another couple from Ukraine arrived around 1pm and they were first told to come back the next day to collect their extension. They finally managed to get it within 20 minutes! We paid 345 000 rials at Meli bank + 10 000 rials (processing fee) at the immigration office.
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by zilong »

I got my visa extension in Yazd on a Thursday morning within one hour at the police office!

My condition:
- Chinese passport, one month tourist visa in Iran, expiring in two weeks
- want to get extension early because I am cycling through Iran, and might not be near a big city when my current visa expires

What I submitted:
- 1 copy of passport info page, 1 copy of Iranian visa with entry stamp page
- 2 photos (3x4)
- 2 filled out visa extension application form (basic info + your hotel and phone number in Yazd)
- 345,000 Rials to Bank Melli, 5,000 Rials admin fee to police station

What I experienced:
- the office was not crowded at 8am, but the staff seems busy with piles of paperwork from Afghan passports wanting to extend their residence permits.
- officers at the police station as well as at the Bank Melli are very courteous to foreigners.
- at first, the officers were hesitant to extend my visa when my current visa is not expiring for another two weeks. but I explained that I am cycling in Iran. they called up the manager, and got a Yes.
- after submitting all paperwork, I sat and waited for 15 minutes in the office while they completed data-entry and stamped my passport.
- the entire process was relaxed and friendly.

What I got:
- Arrived at office at 8am; got my extension at 9am! This includes a trip to the bank across the street, which took 10 minutes
- One extra month after the current visa expiration date

The office is only open for half a day on Thursday, and closed on Friday.

Thanks to all who shared info here! Really helped me to get a sense before visiting the office :)

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