Yazd: Iran visa extension

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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by s0meguy »

Refused. I originally had a 60 day visa from Trabzon, and then got it extended for 60 days (also in Yazd). I figured that I'd try to extend it for a second time, but they refused. Initially I thought this could happen, but thought it was worth a shot because they extended my first 30 day visa 2 times by 30 days & there was uncertainty on the caravanistan page about how many times they'd extend a 60 day visa. Figured I'd be the guinea pig.
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by Cr.x.ol »

Passports: 1 Belgian, 1 Ukrainian
Time before expiry: 9 days before visa expiry
Extension granted: 30 days from expiry date
Price: 345,000 IRR
Time spent: from 12h30 to 13h45

We arrived later than everyone advices and that seemed to be a fortunate coincidence. The office was not crowded at all and although the officer – who could barely speak English; not like I read in many other comments – initially wanted to let us come again two days later or wanted to send us to Kerman (because our visa was valid for 9 more days), eventually he accepted and arranged the whole thing in just 30 minutes.

Documents handed in:
• Passports
• 1 copy of passports
• Original visas with stamp
• 1 copy of original visas with stamp
• 2 photos each. The size doesn't matter! Mine were 3,5x4,5 and my gf's way smaller. Both sizes were accepted
• 345 000 IRR, paid by card by a Swiss couple that was present, whom we paid in cash

Be sure you verify the date until when your visa is extended. Our officer had made a mistake with the month and had given us initially only 1 day more 😅
After some laughter about that, he changed the date on the new stamp to one month later.

Smooth process overall and very relaxed staff.
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Re: Yazd: Iran visa extension

Post by steven »

Via e-mail:

On 5 January we applied for Visa Extension (4 days left on 30 days visa). We were send to the chief police officer, he asked some questions and was super friendly. He required a Hijab pic of woman. Then we went to the normal counter had to pay (a local paid by card and we gave him cash). Hijab pic at the counter wasnt required so we tried regular pic and it worked. they said it takes 4 days, we insisted that we need it on following day and were successful. A visa extension for 60 days would have been possible as well (just takes one more day for approval). Changeing single entry to multiple entry wasnt possible.
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