Transit via VKO Moscow on separate tickets

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Transit via VKO Moscow on separate tickets

Post by hamidianali »

Hey guys,
I'm traveling from Iran to Kazakhstan (IRI>UZ>TJ>KG>KZ).
Today my Turkmen transit visa got rejected. So now I should fly to Uzbekistan. I'm about to book IKA-VKO with Mahan Air and then VKO-BHK with Utair. Two tickets are on separate PNRs and I will have 20 hr transit in Moscow with no Russian transit visa. Could this make any problem? Is there any transit desk in VKO so I can get my boarding pass to Uzbekistan?
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Re: Transit via VKO Moscow on separate tickets

Post by Milad »

If you have checked luggage, it will certainly not work out. If you don't, it may or may not work and you might run into trouble, if something goes wrong with your flight (and since you don't have a through ticket, neither airline will feel responsible). I would not try this without a Russian transit visa.
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Re: Transit via VKO Moscow on separate tickets

Post by AreWeThereYet? »

I think you do need a Russian transit visa. I've got a TXL-DME-OSS flight on S7 Airlines, all on the same ticket; however, since Kyrgyzstan is in the same customs union as Russia, I decided to go for a transit visa.

What makes me think you need one is:
1) Neither the consulate nor the airline could tell me in writing if I needed one or not
2) VKO, as far as I know, is different from SVO or DME in the sense that it doesn't seem to have an airside transfer area, or airside facilities
3) Airline employees, when they check on their visa requirements system (Timatic or something like that) will require you to have a visa, so they might not allow you to board even your first flight as they've no idea that you've got another flight following that one.
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