Embassy report : Mongolian visa in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Re: Embassy report : Mongolian visa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Postby steven » Mon May 21, 2018 3:39 am

Please post your questions and embassy reports on the Mongolian visa in Kathmandu below.

We gather all travel intelligence on the Mongolia visa page.
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Embassy report : Mongolian visa in Kathmandu, Nepal

Postby Morgane » Wed May 08, 2019 5:11 am

Hi !
We are a french-spanish couple and we asked for a mongolian visa in Kathmandu, Nepal, last week. It was very easy to get it but there is not much information online (and the Consulate of Mongolia doesn't have website).

The address of the Honorary Consulate of Mongolia is Phulbari Road, Kathmandu 44602. It's 8km away from Thamel area. To go there : take a taxi (500rs) of take a tempo to Tinchuli (25rs/pers, go to Jamal crossroad and ask any tempo if they go to Tinchuli, it's super easy to find ! Download the "KTM public route" app for full itinerary).
The Consulate is open from Sunday to Friday, 9am to 12pm (+ afternoon, but better going in the morning for the visa). They answer to +97714915534 and [email protected]. Amazing consulate, they only close on Saturday :D

For the visa, you will need :
- copy of the passport
- copy of the Nepali visa
- application form (given at the Consulate) + 1 photo, standard passport size
- itinerary (we just wrote we wanted to stay 2 weeks in UB and 1 week in Hatgal + we travel to and out of Mongolia by train, that was enough)
- hotel bookings of ALL the nights in Mongolia (we booked 2 weeks in UB and 1 week in Hatgal on booking.com and cancelled everything for free once we got the visa)
- moneyyyy : 3500rs for the standard visa (36h, we applied of Thusday and got it on Monday morning, with Saturday off) or 7000rs for the express one (you get it in 8h)

If you didn't print the documents, no worries, the nice lady can do it for you for free or you can send everything by e-mail. Amazing, isn't it ? :D

We got 30 days visa, valid 3 months.

Not many people want to get a Mongolian visa in Kathmandu but I hope it can help some of you !
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