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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by cyril »

3 French passport holders.

Went to the embassy and, as indicated here, got told to get the form typed. The lady immediately gave us the business card of the law office.
Went there to get everything typed, they did it a bit approximately but since they said "Chinese visa?" the second we showed our faces they seemed to be used to it.
Went back to the embassy, handed the forms along with the passports and the letter of no objection from the French Embassy. Asked for 3 months to enter and 3 months to stay, she said "hmmmm... ok" and advised us to come back after 5 days to pickup the visa.
Went back after 5 days, right after doing the payment at the bank. The same lady said we need to do the payment at least 24 hours before collecting the visa and refused to give us back our passports. We gave her this look for a good 20 seconds and she eventually gave us our passports, including a 3 months to enter / 90 days to stay / single entry Chinese visa.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by westmanmichael182 »

1 Australian, 1 English.

Went to Australian embassy first for letter of no objections. Paid €20 for it (payment now changed to Rial). British embassy did letter for free saying they no longer do letters and please accept passport only.

I paid 100,000 rial (US$3) to have application form filled out and passport copy. GPS coordinates for lawyer place has changed and is now:
3rd floor
Room 34
35.80548°N 51.47504°E
Back to the embassy, turn right and walk up hill about 300metres. Small complex on right hand side.
My friend couldn't find the place and did it for free herself at a printing place. No problems with embassy accepting it.

Paid US$40 for 4 day wait to bank opposite embassy. No questions asked except how long you want visa for.

In the end incredibly easy process. No problems of any kind. Both got 3+3, and 2 French people also got 3+3 at same time.
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Dhr Guido
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Dhr Guido »

Dutch passport holder

Successfully obtained a 3+3 visa. Application was very straightforward and quick. Paid 40USD for normal processing time of 3 working days.

Fellow Dutchies be aware that the Dutch embassy formally requires you to make an appointment by email for getting a letter of no objection. In my case the date of this appointment was set for 3 days in the future. However, when I visited the embassy informally for the second time and chatted again with the same man at the counter, he allowed me in and I was quickly given the letter. Cost 30 euro
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by roro »

Sorry but I have 2 questions:
- What is "letter of no objection" and is it mandatory?
- What do you mean by"3+3 visa"?
Thanks in advance, I'm a newby for China....

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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by IsaOlof »

We went to the Chinese embassy the 14. of July and were told that they no longer gave 3+3. ONLY 1+1 IS POSSIBLE NOW. Three other tourist were also told the same. (We have danish passports, two were belgian and one german)
We will try and talk to them again on Sunday, but our hopes are low..

Isa and Kristian
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by worldgrandtour »

Chinese visa for Czech nationals

We were slighlty worried about this visa, going through the forums, blogs and talking to the fellow travellers but it turned to be fairly easy affair. Tehran proved to be easiest spot to apply, no bank statements, no letter from employer etc. Just an application form filled on computer and printed plus LNO from our embassy. Most helpful was blog post [url] ... hran-iran/[/url so we pretty much followed and it went super smooth. Czech embassy was very quick with LNO. We turned up there on a day, explain our situation and next day we picked up the letter for free after a nice chat with a consul. Then we went to chinese embassy, applied for 90 days visa with 90 days to enter. Clerk was very nice, gave me the pick up slip and send me to the bank opposite the embbassy to pay $40 per application. Came back after 4 days and within 5 minutes we had our passes back with 90 days visas.

Important note - you have to leave your passport at the embassy so make sure you have COLOR copies of your passport and iranian visa so you can keep moving while applying for a visa.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Fiestje »

Unfortunately we have a total different experience with the Chinese visa, applied for in Tehran...

We are two Belgian citizens. We went to the Chinese embassy for the first time 1,5 weeks ago. As Isa and Kristian said before, there was a 'new rule' and their was only 1+1 possible.
Three days later, we went back to the embassy to try again for 3+3, hoping they had changed their mind... This time we were helped by another guy (3rd from the left, with the glasses). He accepted our application forms. We asked three times if he was really sure we would get enough time to get into China and he assured us that, since we had a well-scheduled program, his colleague would take our application into consideration and the embassy would not stand in our way. We insisted on the fact that if we would only get one month to enter China we didn't want visa (since one month is impossible to ride by bike from Tehran to China). Anyway, hoping for the best, we paid the requested fee in the bank across the street.
During the days following our application we heard some stories of other cyclists who got 90 days entry without any problems, so we got a little hope things had turned better again. BUT... today, when we got back to collect our passports, unfortunately, we did NOT get 3+3 as requested, but only 1+1. We don't understand why some get exactly what they apply for (or even more), while others with the same question only get one month.
We asked the guy with the glasses for some explanation, saying that we have a problem now, but he didn't seem to remember us. We tried again with the guy first from the left, who said that we had agreed with one month, which we totally hadn't.

At the same time, two other cyclists (Germans) applied for 3+2 months. After saying that there was only 1 month possible, the guy first from the left, made the impression that 90 days would also be okay. The Germans paid the fee in the bank and when they got back into the embassy they wanted some kind of confirmation that they understood right what the guy had said about the 90 days. He, probably being fed up with all those cyclists, insisting for the 90 days, got angry and gave the Germans their application forms back. He didn't want to take them anymore, but they had already paid!

Finally, another German who just got in to apply for his visa, didn't even get the chance anymore to hand in his form. They were only accepting business visas from now on, no way to apply for tourist visas and certainly not 3+3.

Apparently, getting Chinese visa in Tehran can be easy, but certainly not for everyone. We don't know how things will turn out now, but to us it seemed like a lottery, as much as for the Turkmenistan visa. You can always try, but just one advice: don't ask too much questions and certainly don't make them angry...

PS: we didn't see the blogpost in the previous message, so our application forms were not printed on both sides. If that is the reason why we didn't get 3 months, you should definitely give that a try.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by jordi_casas »

Got my visa yesterday 90 days + 90 days with spanish passport.

Requested in the 10th of july. When I applyied the girl asked me for how long I wanted to stay in China and when I said 90 days said that she would try to get them. There was no question about the 3 months validity before entrering China. I just wrote it down in 'others' in the correspondent section of the form.

I did follow, and was very helpful, the details of the blog lostwithpurpose as mentioned above, like the double face printing and to get inspiration for my fake route but I really doubt this has nothing to do with rejections. Why they don't say it if it's so important for them. Anyway, it seems to be a lottery
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Adriano_Stefanie »

Swiss passport holders

Bad luck as well. We were not able to present neither our application forms nor our LNO from the Swiss embassy. First, they insisted on only issuing visas for people residing in Iran and after some discussion, they would have agreed on issuing 30+30. Being cyclists, this doens't help us at all. We were then told to apply for the visa along the route (Duschanbe). We doubt though that this is a good alternative. Pity, that since the 14th of July, 90+90 was banned or only granted in very rare cases (previous Czech report).
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by mgd »

90 days validity of visa issued in Tehran seems to be off again. We, swiss couple, went today to the embassy with all necessary papers. The agent looked through the application and after seeing that we want to enter China only in about two months from now, returned the application explaining that they will only issue visa valid for one month and we should try on the road. So to all who need to pay for a LNO: spend it for something useful...
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