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Roy Kabel
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Roy Kabel »

Just got 30+30 visa in Tehran, German passport.

Papers handed in:
- Passport copy in color, first page and Iran visa page
- Typed application form from the embassy website
- 2 passport photos, conforming to size restrictions: ... 391310.jpg
- Letter of no objection from German embassy (25€, had to pay in Rial)
- Flight bookings in and out
- Hotel bookings for the whole duration of stay

Had to pay 40$ at the bank across the street from the embassy, at least 24h before pickup.

Got the visa after 4 days.

There is a copy shop close to the embassy that seems to be always open: 35.800284, 51.474895

Hope this helps, good luck!
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by silviapalac »

Hi all,
Though we had some problems with the Letter of no Objection, we finally got our visas.

I would like to point an incidence we had with the only Chinese-looking woman working at the consulate, because we saw other travellers facing the same problem: They issue a visa 30+30 days from the day you request the visa. We are travelling by road, so we bought fake flight tickets departing Isfahan 20 days later (mind your flights must depart from an Iranian airport only!), just in case they issue any lesser validity (who knows?)
This woman saw the tickets, and told us to come back only a 10 days before our departure, and so she did with another pair of travellers the next day. We couldn't do that for obvious reasons, so we tried the next day in a different queue and no problem!

We got the fake return flights from:, you have between 5-10 days to pay them or they are automatically cancelled.
We made the fake booking reservations for the whole duration of the trip at, many hotels allow you to book and also cancel without credit card.
Mind the pictures, as they have a special size, and also passport copies must be in A-4.
They only issue express visas if your flight is within the same week, but I don't know if in that case they would provide less time from entering the country.

After 40 USD and 4 days we got the visas.

Travel safe!
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by TimL »

Hi, any updates on the Chinese visa in Tehran? Is it still possible for foreign citizens? Thanks!
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by TimL »

At the end of October I applied for a 2 months tourist visa. Still possible. No flight tickets or any proof of hotel bookings needed.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by ibex »

I've got my Chinese visa today in a second try (Double entry visa, each entry 60d, 3 month validity). The first time I showed up with just the application form. Not enough, they wanted "supporting documents".

After extending my Iranian visa, I applied a second time. I applied for a double entry visa with 60d duration as the minimum validity of double entry visas is three months. This time, I had flight and hotel bookings, bank sheets, travel insurance and a travel itinerary. The flight date was the last date of my extended Iranian visa. I made the "flight" into China and further to Japan with and in the last minute the Hong Kong "flight" with for justifying the second entry . So, better to be prepared well.

I did not get a "Letter of objection" from my embassy and they did not ask for it. I'm Swiss.

The Chinese woman with the glasses in the embassy seems more strict. I wanted to avoid here, but as I was at the end of the opening hours and the only visitor, I was referred to here. No choice. So it might be better to show up in the early opening hours.

I'm grateful that I can continue my Silk Road travel on the land to China. Thanks for all the valuable information.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Melcldt »

TimL wrote:At the end of October I applied for a 2 months tourist visa. Still possible. No flight tickets or any proof of hotel bookings needed.
Hello !
Could you tell me where are you from please ?
I come from France and I will go to China this year around in december and I would like take my tourist visa in Tehran in october if it's still possible...
I will stay one month in China (time to travel from Urumqi to Beijing)

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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Zuton34 »

March 2018. French couple. Applying for a double entry visa.

Documents :
-passeport, copy of passeport, photo
-schedule + hotel booking + 4 plane ticket (they were quite carreful on this part)
-bank account extract
-insurance paper

No letter of invitation, neither non objection. Turkish stamp in our passeport.

Applying on sunday, getting our passeport back on thursday. Express procedures (2 days) was also possible but more expensive.

We get 6 month of validity from the day we apply and 50 days for each entry. We don't know why we had so much. Maybe because we provide a quiet long schedule (from 1st of april to 3 of june).
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by radellos »

austrian couple got double entry, 60 days each, valid for 3 month from application date.

Provided all the stuff:

-Passport copy color
-Iran visa copy color
-2 pictures (got 1 back)
-Itinerary for 2 month
-Flight booking
-Bank account and insurance copy (they looked at both but handed it back)
120$ applied on thursday got visa on tuesday, express was not possible

Itinerary, flight booking and hotel booking -> one copy was sufficient for the two of us.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by Alex&Craki »

Couple of French got also double entry, 60d each with 3 months validity.
We had to provide hotels bookings and complete itinerary for the full stay in China (110 days on our fake itinerary) and of course 4 planes tickets. We also brought insurance and account extract, which they briefly looked at.
Form must be typed and printed.
They asked for 2 pictures but one has been handed back at pick up time.

We wanted a 3 months validity since we travel by bicycle and so we asked for the 1st entry in less than a month otherwise you get rejected (we experienced it once).

Asked on Sunday 10/06, picked up on Tuesday 12/06 with express (90$ each). We paid at the bank in cash just before picking up (they normally say to do it 24h before but bank close at 2.45pm and it was closed the 1st time).

For info their is an Internet Café 15min walking from the embassy , you can find it on Google maps. Also a printing shop can be found just south of the Sweden embassy. That can be useful.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Post by rolynaround »

Chinese double-entry visa (60 days to stay and valid for 3 months) - Successful

The first time we went to the embassy we tried to apply for a double-entry visa with 6 months validity. We spoke with the supervisor and this is not possible at all. Only single entry visa valid for 1 month or a double-entry visa valid for 3 months was possible. We adjusted our itinerary and applied for the visa a few weeks later. We provided:

- Application forms (typed and printed)
- Color copies passport
- Color copies Iranian visas
- Itinerary for about 100 days total (Important: state that you enter China within month)
- Flight tickets: Iran-China, retour to Thailand and China-Netherlands (booked with, I printed the e-mail confirmations and made screenshots of the flight schedules)
- Hotel bookings (all nights)
- Invitation letter from a friend in Shanghai (including copy of her passport)
- Insurance papers
- Bank statements
- 2 passport pictures per person

We handed in the paperwork, she looked at it for maybe 10 minutes and gave us the paper for payment. We wanted express visa, which was possible (90 dollar per person for Dutch). We paid in the bank opposite to the embassy and picked up the visa 2 days later.
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