Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by roro »

Bad news indeed....
The question is why they rejected your application?

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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by steven »

Something is going on in Turkmenistan, I don't know what, but people have been getting rejected in Dushanbe and Almaty as well. see for instance here http://caravanistan.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1070 and here http://caravanistan.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=986
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by DarrenHarris »

August 2015 - We deposited the Visa application in Tehran an asked to collect the Visa in Mashhad. All was going well.

In Mashhad we struck a problem when we went to collect, my wife's Uzbekistan Visa was in her British passport and her Turkmenistan application was for her Australian Passport.

My Visa was issued (only have an Australian) and Lisa's was a flat refusal. The reason being apparently the forward Visa must be in the same Passport.

So we flew to Tehran and went straight to the Turkmenistan embassy. Handed over Lisa's Australian passport and 10 minutes later her Turkmen visa was received. Apparently not a problem in Tehran.

So if you are not wanting to fly to Tehran and then catch the 12 hour train back to Mashhad it may pay to have the forward country visa in the same passport.

The officials at the Turkmen border were also a little difficult with this dual passport thing.
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by evanrprice »

I applied in Tehran and picked up in Mashhad 10 days later, couple of comments:

> Although i did get the visa rejections are still ongoing for now apparent reason - a french guy was refused while i was there and a Japanese couple were seemingly also refused (told they didn't have (lost) their documentation but they could try reapply and wait another 10 days.

>The letter you have to write and submit with the application must NOT include the word TRAVEL at all, instead the word must be TRANSIT. I.e. when you state your route you must say "Transit from Mary to Turkmenabat", etc. It must also include your requested entry and exit dates as well as the entry and exit border points.

> They will hand you back the main application form and keep the seemingly secondary one you also have to fill in. Retain this as you submit it when you collect the visa

> When I collected the consulate did have change in dollars, cost being $55.

> I arrived at 9am to collect, submitted the required docs (passport, application form with photo, copy of passport and copy of visa to exit country) and was told to return at 4pm to collect. Arrived back at 4pm and collected the passport with the visa
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by miaesper »

Update from a Belgian and a Dane: Successfull pick up of two transit visas in Mashhad (after 12 days waiting from applying in Tehran). Bring non-bended crisp dollar notes = 55 usd per person. A local source of knowledge, Vali, running the main backpacker hub in Mashhad told us that his impression was that more and more people were again successful in picking up transit visas in Mashhad.
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by SamVic »

We (two fremch brothers) got a 5 days transit visa in Mashhad after applying in Tehran (the process took 2 weeks because of Nowruz).

Be very careful when you fill in the application form because you cannot change the entry and exit dates when you pick it up ! Not always easy for bike-travelers...
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by Papapoulp »

I applied on May 30 in Tehran, asking for 5 days transit starting on 13th of June
I arrived in Mashhad on June 10. In the morning I had confirmation of my visa approval and been asked to come back at 12 with filled forms, copies of passport and exit visa and 2 pictures. At 12 I've been told to come back at 4. At 4, I gave all the papers, then been told my visa was cancelled. I called Tehran embassy who told me my visa was not cancelled but rejected, with no further justification than "it is written rejected on the system" when I asked.
In front of the consulate in Mashhad, the soldier I was talking with, told me it was the first time he saw somebody being approved, then rejected.
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by gxbr »

Sorry to ask, but anyone would have the link for the Turkmen visa application form? Didn't find it on caravanistan nor on Google...
Thanks a lot in advance!
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by Fairmount »

I applied in Tehran about two weeks ago, planning to pick up in Mashhad if I get approved. However, the man in Tehran didn't give me this other form that I'm supposed to hand in upon pick up. Will this be a problem or will the fellow in Mashhad just give me a new one?
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Re: Embassy report: Mashhad, Turkmen Visa

Post by schrpa »

Hi guys,

does anybody know how I can get in contact with either the embassy in Tehran or the consulate in Mashhad. I tried to call them and wrote an email about the status of my application but nobody picked up the phone or replied to my email.

I don't want to go all the way to Mashhad and then find out that my application got rejected.

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