On-Arrival visa for Abkhazia, entering via Georgia

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On-Arrival visa for Abkhazia, entering via Georgia

Post by chantals95 »


(I've read the forum posts about entering and receiving an on arrival-visa through the Russian boarder, which seems to work, I haven't found information on this case)

I applied for a visa through the foreign affair office on the 14th May, as I put the 17th May as the entrance date and (theoretically) minimal procedure time is 5 days I thought it would be alright, as I have read of people receiving it within 3 days. I received an e-mail the morning of the 15th May to re-try by resetting dates. My friend did the same on the 14th May but putting 18th May as the entrance date, which is also not 5 working days, he rprofile was still accepted. Now I am confused what to do. Should I apply today and set it on 18th May, 19th of 20th May? Because it seems to work if you put it under 5 days.

But in any case my main question is: is the on arrival visa possible through the Georgian boarder? It works on the Russian-Georgian boarder, but I haven't heard if there is any success if you do it from the Kaukasus. Let me know if you do!

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Re: On-Arrival visa for Abkhazia, entering via Georgia

Post by Milad »

I have never heard of someone being let in at Ingur without the authorization letter of Abkhaz MFA (you get the actual visa only in Sukhum anyway).
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Re: On-Arrival visa for Abkhazia, entering via Georgia

Post by nhauer »

There is no chance of visa on arrival via the Ingur crossing. The Abkhaz 'checkpoint' there is a plywood hut with 1-2 officials and a list of people who are allowed through that day, nothing else (as said above, you don't receive the visa until you're in Sukhum anyways). If you're not on that list, you will be turned back.
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