Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Irkutsk

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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Irkutsk

Post by steven »

Please post all your embassy reports and questions on the Mongolian embassy in Irkutsk below.

We gather all travel intelligence on the Mongolia visa page.
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Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Irkutsk

Post by Granite2018 »

Applied for a tourist visa in Irkutsk yesterday and collected it exactly 24 hours later. Express (24 hour) processing is the only option here, when the woman asked for 70 USD, I requested standard processing instead of express and was told that 70 USD and 24 hours was standard.

I handed in my passport, one picture, black and white scan of passport, and a copy of my travel insurance (not sure if they actually wanted to see it, but brought it just in case). I didn't have a print out of my hostel booking in Mongolia, so she asked me to forward the email to them. The booking was only for one week, which was fine, still got 30 days. They held onto my passport during processing.

You can pay in Rubles, which I did, as I had to offload some. I calculated the rate afterwards and it was terrible, ended up paying the equivalent of 76 USD. When collecting my visa, I noticed that there is a card reader on the counter, so worth asking if you can pay by card.

By the way, there is a VTB (ВТБ) bank just around the corner. I've found them to have the best exchange rates in Russia for a wide variety of currencies, including GBP. I tried three other banks in Irkutsk and they will only exchange Euro, USD and Chinese curreny.
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Irkutsk

Post by rhinomaxil »


We got our Mongolian visa in Irkutsk end-July. Very easy process. We paid 4800 rub (~69€) per person and had to show our passport, a copy of our passport, a photo and the travel insurance certificate. We also had to show on our phone the train ticket reservation from Ulan-Ude to Ulaanbaatar but not any outbound ticket (we had none). Also we only had to show it on our phone so I guess you can also pretty easily fake one. I’m sorry I don’t remember about hotel reservations but it is pretty easy to get a cancellable one in booking anyway.

We heard from other travelers that the visa can be issued within a day but as we got there on Friday morning we had to wait until Monday to get it. We spent a few days on Olkhon island in the meantime and collected it later that week.

There was absolutely queue the two times we went even though this was the middle of the summer.
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