Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Share guided tours for crossing China.
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Kate and Rob
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Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by Kate and Rob »

Hi Travellers

We are currently in India making our way up to Pakistan, for a Karakorum pass crossing April 2024 through China and into Kyrgzstan, in our own vehicle 4 x 4 roof top camping.

Looking for other travelers heading in same direction to share vehicle China transit, rather than Pakistan / Iran crossing.

Crossing summary:
Entering port: Kunjerab from Pakistan once pass opens post 1 April 2024
Exit port: Erkeshtam(Irkeshtam) or Torugart to Kyrgyzstan
Route: Pakistan – Kunjerab – Karakoram Highway – Karakul lake (View of
Muztagata) – Kashgar – Irkeshtam or Torugart – Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 4 days


Kate and Rob Weight
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by NomadWanderer »

what an epic route you've got planned! The Karakoram Highway through those mountains must be breathtaking. I've always wanted to transit through that part of China. Any chance you've got room for one more in your vehicle? No worries if not, but that timing could work well for me. Safe and scenic travels to you!
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by F4M-on-tour »

Hi Kate and Rob,

we sent you a DM.

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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by TheNonFlyingDutchman »

Hey! Small comment and maybe of no use to you, but:
I traveled from tajikistan to pakistan some months ago. Whilst the mountains are gorgeous, everything that had to do with China was super problematic. From getting a visa in your home country, to customs checks, wechat pay problems, broken atm’s, and transiting a complete police state where they ask your passport around any corner and you feel like being watched 24/7. This was the part of my overland to india trip that I hated the most. If I would do it again, I’d go through afghanistan to tajikistan, and in pakistan drive up to the karakoram and drive back to enjoy that. On the Chinese side there’s no freedom and only fences, fences, camera’s, gunmen, fences, cameras.
Also Afghanistan seems to be the safest it has been in 25 years and I heard good stories from several travelers.

Won’t push you to do anything, but I think it’s important to share my 5ct’s.
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by Staedlma »

Hallo, we would be interested. We are traveling with our VW T5 Bus (No 4x4). We are currently also in India and it IS unfortunatly simply to expensive to travel from Nepal to Kirgisistan, so the Option to make it as short as possible through China makes sende to us. We heard to the kunjerab Pass from Pakistan towards China only opens at May 1st. Anyhow, maybe we can get connected via WhatsApp (+49 176 97891649)
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[email protected]
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by [email protected] »

Sounds amazing, if there is any chance you have a spot in your vehicle could you please let me know.


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jon titeica
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by jon titeica »

Hi Guys
we are currentley in Nepal and heading towards pakistan with the intention of crossing in china at the end of April and our itinerare is identical to yours ....pakistan , china , kirghizsatn ..!!!
if this suits your time frame then we are intersted 100%.
Traveling from Australia in a Land Cruiser since July last year and heading towards Morocco then will ship back to Oz in December 2024.
Jon and Mariana
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Re: Pakistan - China - Kyrgzstan April 2024

Post by Expedition_Seicento »

Hi there,
I just spotted your post. I am a little bit off-topic but I was wondering how you got into Nepal? Did you get there with your own vehicle? If yes, what were the procedures at the border? It's really hard to find reports from other travellers. I will be crossing into Nepal in about 2 days, hopefully!
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