China Crossing June 2019: Laos to Stans

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China Crossing June 2019: Laos to Stans

Postby dylan.reid » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:28 pm

We are two Aussies (36yoM & 35yoF) on two motorcycles (CRF1000 and CB500X) crossing from Laos (mid June) to the Stans (mid July). We have a few options from a few operators and are flexible on route as long as we exit to the Stans. Our preference is to exit at Horgos to Kazakh as we will see Kashgar on our return China crossing to Pakistan.

Wet season will have started SE Asia June but the remainder of the journey will be freakin excellent season wise, especially for riders. Would love to start the loop a month sooner but work commitments won't allow for it. Our journey is a loop: Thailand (end May) - Cambodia maybe - Laos - China Crossing (mid Jun to mid Jul) - Stans Loop (6 weeks) - China Crossing (end Aug - also need a group!) - Pakistan - India - Nepal (Oct).

Hope there is interest! Definitely better ways to spend money than on 2 x China Crossing plans :)
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Re: China Crossing June 2019: Laos to Stans

Postby Hanjin » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:07 am


Sent you a pm! :)
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