Turkmenistan Tour $300

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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by WorldTraveller »


I want to visit Turkmenistan in the beginning of July (I arrive in Samarkand on 7th of July).

I have an agency (almost) all included tour offer for 340 dollars per person (for a minimum of 2 people - I am alone right now) which includes:

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
(Meeting at the border Farap)
Farap border- Mary – Ashgabat – Darvaza - Koneurgench – Dashoguz border

(Meeting at the border Dashoguz)
Dashoguz border - Koneurgench - Darvaza - Ashgabat - Mary - Farap border

Anyone wants to join me?
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by TiquiTaqua »

I will be traveling alone in Uzbekistan in mid-late July. Would anybody be up for a short (3 days or so) group-trip to Turkmenistan around this time?
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by dnurick »

Would love to know this information too! Am thinking of traveling there in Sept. How was the trip with the guide?
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by tugba »

Hey is anyone travelling to Turkmenistan in the beginning of September? I'm a solo traveller and I'm open to other travellers joining me so we can save some money on tours, rental cars etc :)
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by oswaldzero »

Hi! I am located in Dushanbe right now and planning to go to Uzbekistan later during the month. I'd love to do a short Turkemenistan tour, departing from Uzbekistan. If someone is planning to do so - possibily after july 25, please contact me. Thanks a lot !
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by Leotjo »

Hi! I am solotravelling around Turkmenistan 30 September-8 October (8 full days), would anybody be interested in sharing (part of) this trip? I am starting on the Farap border crossing (Uzbek border) and finishing in Ashgabat. Send me a PM.
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by steven »

For anyone interested in the original $300 tour from Saada Tours that HalaMadrid posted: he came back with an update after his trip.

They charged $350 extra after passing the border. viewtopic.php?f=22&p=46508#p46508
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by HugoL »

Has anyone attempted a tour at this or similar rate? $300 sounds too good got be true compared with the rates advertised by other operators online.
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Re: Turkmenistan Tour $300

Post by magos »

Turkmenguide wrote:
Thu May 11, 2023 3:08 am
You can contact me tours and visa for Turkmenistan. I'm local tour operator.
Hello, please give your e-mail to me. My e-mail [email protected]
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