End of March/Early April - 6D Turkmenistan Trip

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End of March/Early April - 6D Turkmenistan Trip

Post by rmiscamp »

Good evening all,

I am looking at doing a 6D tour of Turkmenistan, starting at the Shavat border and proceeding as follows:

D1: Koneurgench, drive to Darvaza gas crater; overnight in tents/yurt.
D2: Drive to Ashgabat/free time
D3: Ashgabat & Old Nisa tour
D4: Kow-Ata, Nokhur, drive to Yangykala
D5: Gozli-Ata, Yangykala canyon, Yangisuw canyon, drive to Turkmenbashi
D6: Transfer to Kazakh border - Garabogaz BP (though could likely transfer to Turkmenbashi airport for flight back or via port for ferry across Caspian).

I'm currently looking at doing 30/03 to 04/04 but happy to consider other similar dates if required.

I have spoken to a lot of tour providers and looks like it would cost around $880pp for 2, $745pp for 3 and would continue to reduce if more joined etc. inclusive of accommodation and breakfast/lunch for 5 days.

Give me a shout if interested, happy to provide some personal info on myself too if useful.


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Re: End of March/Early April - 6D Turkmenistan Trip

Post by Filipetln »

I am afraid you won’t be able to do Kunya urgench and Darwaza on the same day. The roads are in terrible condition. The drive from Shavat to Kunyaurgench will take 2.5 hours, and then more 6-7 hour to Darwaza. To do that you would have to finish crossing the border at 8 am the latest. I just came from Turkmenistan, believe me, we do not want to drive 10 hours in a day on those roads.
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