Hiking/trekking companions in Pamir

Find trekking partners. Share rides (not Pamir).
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Hiking/trekking companions in Pamir

Post by nickd »

This summer i'd like to go for a few short treks (1-2 passes, 2-5 days) around Rushan, Shugnan, Shakhdara, Ishkashim ranges
April-May some trekking at the western, lower part of the country -Varzob, Baljuvon, etc...
Not technically difficult, without crampons, ropes
Any companions with similar plans?
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Tajikistan expert
Tajikistan expert
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Re: Hiking/trekking companions in Pamir

Post by Christian77 »

I won't be in the country yet by April-May, but I would suggest staying away from Baljuvon at that time of year, especially any areas to the east. There's just too much rain. Western Khatlon is far friendlier in terms of spring rainfall. Fall is the best time to visit eastern Khatlon for hiking.

As for the summer, it seems like expats make long-term plans, and the (independent) tourists make up their mind on what trek to do when they get to Khorog (or in the weeks before). You may have better luck linking up with someone closer to the date.
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Re: Hiking/trekking companions in Pamir

Post by dman11 »

I may find myself in the Pamirs (and other areas) by August/September assuming borders are all clear. Wouldn’t mind linking up with anyone who may be also be there.
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Re: Hiking/trekking companions in Pamir

Post by travelerthomas »

I'm aiming Central Asia at July, August, Sept, Oct. If stars align crossing into Wakhan and Afghanistan is on the cards. Indeed I'm quite flexible in regards to where, for now doing some preliminary research to sketch out a gist of a plan; happy to piggyback on the ideas of others.
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