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Hiking adventures in June

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2024 1:25 am
by Bellatrix
I'm travelling across Tajikistan in June and seeing if anyone wants to do some hikes together.

I'll be crossing into Tajikistan from Samarkand June 1st or thereabouts and going straight into a 7 day trek in the Fann Mountains.

Then I'll head to Dushanbe for a hot shower, to re stock supplies and begin hitchhiking /local transport along the Parmir highway with a detour in the Wakhan Valley. A couple more shorter hikes planned in East Tajikistan inc. Jizeu gorge and Engels Base camp. Definitely open to doing some other multiday hikes if you've got info about any in particular. I've got 4 season camping gear and an emergency beacon.

My dates are flexible but it makes sense for me to do the Fann hike at the start of June as I'll be flying into Tashkent on May 24th.

32 y/o Australian woman, experienced hiker, traveller yada yada