Cycling Xinjiang (Winter/Spring)

Cycling the Silk Road
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Cycling Xinjiang (Winter/Spring)

Postby timagius91 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:03 am

I’m on a cycling tour (now in India) and will be flying to Urumqi on Jan 24th. Yeah I know it's gonna be cold! I couldn’t make it any later as my Indian visa runs out haha, but I am excited after seeing many recent photos of the area in winter!!

Just wondering what your thoughts are on how good or crazy of an idea cycling through there from Feb onwards is? I want to see all areas really, and end up crossing the border to either Kazakh/Krygyzstan – do you think there’s any particular order/route of regions I should do to avoid the unbearable parts ? (Hopefully I’ll have 3 months if everything goes fine with Visa!)

I'm also open to leaving the bike behind sometimes and doing some trekking or something instead. But I guess the main thing I need to know if there's any major roads that are completely closed during this time.

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