Bicycles repair and services in Osh

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Bicycles repair and services in Osh

Post by thierry »

For the community of cyclists arriving from Pamir in Osh with a bicycle needing services:
I have found effective service in the bazaar in Osh: rear derailleur alignment, chain changing, front rack fixation secured. I can proceed on confidently. No need to go to Bishkek. In Osh bazaar, bicycle shops are near the far north end las shown in
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Re: Bicycles repair and services in Osh

Post by Arielmeislish »

Do you know if there is racks there?
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Re: Bicycles repair and services in Osh

Post by Nmakepeace »

Had a look today,
Yes there are racks, bikes to buy, tools and "some" accessories such as; locks, lights, pumps, water holders. However there are no panniers and helmets(I will look again for helmets), and of course no bike clothing (sad for me because I get bike rash, I need those padded shorts :().

All in all I think it's a really cool little corner! And cheaper than Bishkek
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Re: Bicycles repair and services in Osh

Post by bruno_vannier »

I am today in Osh, and I had a hydraulic break problem.
I met a very kind guy named Bobur who repaired it quickly. :D
Phone Bobur: +996 554 544 040
GPS coordinate of his house: 40.54150376ºN 72.78833700ºE
<wpt lat="40.54150376" lon="72.788337">
(about 500m West from bikes shops in the bazar)
Or you car ask for Bobur in a bike shop.
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