Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry: Q&A and reports

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Re: Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry: Q&A and reports

Postby steven » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:58 am

Please leave your questions and reports on the Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry below.

We summarize all knowledge in the Persian Gulf ferries article.

We have a separate forum Q&A for all other Persian Gulf ferries.
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Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry: Q&A and reports

Postby Manolo » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:28 am

Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry

After what we read about the ferry from Bandar Lengeh to Dubai we expected it to be more difficult but in fact it was the easiest thing in the world.

We bought the ticket for saturday on thursday evening (friday offices are closed) in Bandar Lengeh in a travel agency (we were told you can buy it in any travel agency office) and paid 5'200'000 IRR . Maybe you get it cheaper directly at the port but we didn't want to take a risk. The ferry should leave saturday at 10am, we were told to be there at 7.30am which was way too early.

Many people waiting with huge boxes for getting everything checked, we were asked to sit and wait. 9.30am we were called, checked in our backpacks, went through immigration and waited another 20min.
At 10am we entered the ferry, someone showed us our seats and 15min later we left.
Journey was bumby, they served meals and tea, we watched two movies and arrived in Dubai after 5hours.
In Dubai we had to wait 1hour on the ferry for the bus that brings us to the immigration.
Immigration took some time, different lines for different people, we didn't really get it but officers shouting and showing you your place to stand in line.

After all it was easy, took just much longer than expected including the waiting.

Important: once you get out of the port there are only expensive taxis that ask for 50dollars to take you to the center of dubai. If you walk 5min out in the streets are taxis with taximeter but you need some uae-cash. We walked 1hour to the next exchange office. Better exchange some dirhams in iran beforehand.
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Re: Bandar Lengeh - Dubai ferry: Q&A and reports

Postby Corni » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:12 pm


We crossed the Persian Gulf on Thursday, the 24th of January 2019 with the ferry from Dubai to Bandar Lengeh.

We bought the tickets directly in the port of Dubai (Port Rashid) inside the passenger terminal with the company in charge: Good Luck Shipping (which is actually the Iranian Velfajre shipping company but registered in Dubai under another name). The price seems fix : 310 dirham for one way + 40 dirham to pay for exiting the port. You have to pay by cash. It is almost the same price for the ferry from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas which costs 300 dirham but takes 12 hours (it leaves in the evening but you have to come at 4 pm. It arrives in the morning of the next day).

You can get to Port Rashid by public transport: take the metro and get out at Al Ghubaiba Station. From there, go to the nearby big open-air bus station. You can take bus number 9 or 12 and go out at the first station called Port and Customs. When you go out of the bus, head direction the sea to reach the next parallel street; somewhere on the left there will be a sign for the Passenger Terminal or the Driving Institute which is nearby. There is also a small supermarket nearby.

The passenger ferry departs at 11am on Thursdays, but you have to check in at 8 am (you can still come at 8.30, there is no stress if you don t check in your luggage). The ferry took 4 hours, lunch included (rice, chicken, yoghurt, free water available on board), everything was very smooth and pleasant.

It takes then around 1 hour to leave afterwards the port of Bandar Lengeh.

From there you can go to the bus terminal by taxi (just 2 km ahead) and take a night bus the same day to Shiraz (departing betw. 5 and 6.30 pm) or a bus to Bandar Abbas (3.5hours, arriving at 10pm). You can change money at the nearby Bazar in the city center.
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