Black Sea Ferries Q&A

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Re: Black Sea Ferries Q&A

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J'ai pris la ligne Burgas - Batumi début Mars avec la compagnie PBM, à cette époque je n'ai pas eu de soucis , à l'origine je devais partir d'Odessa mais il m'a manqué une semaine...
pour embarquer, il fallait un PCR du jour, façile à trouver , les cliniques le délivrent dans l'heure, le bateau part dans la nuit de vendredi à samedi et arrive le lundi matin à Batoumi. Pas de Wifi à bord, pas de TV...
à ce qu'il me semble , à cette époque il longeait les eaux territoriales Turques pour éviter les soucis que l'on sait, en mer nous avons vu un bateau militaire, sans en connaitre la nationalité.
Le cout est de 180€
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Poti to Constanta Ferry

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[May 2024]
I highly recommend NOT taking this ferry. For the price of €800 you get rotten eggs for breakfast and rooms which haven't been cleaned since the fall of the USSR. It took 7 days in total due to long delays (4 day delay on the Georgian side where we stayed at the port but were not allowed to leave the boat, 2 days at sea, 1 day delay at the Romanian side).

If you really want to throw away your money, I'll give you instructions how to do it. I urge you to first consider donating that money to a good cause instead.

It took quite some searching but we finally found out how to get on the ferry from Poti, Georgia, to Constanta, Romania. It's run by E60 Shipping Line and goes approximately once a week. They said it's been running for 3 months and they plan to continue as long as the war prevents having a ferry to Ukraine.

The booking office is in Poti on the southeast corner of Aghmashenebeli and 9th April Ave across the street from the church in a building that looks entirely abandoned and has a dilapidated 'for sale' sign on it. Try to figure out which door is unlocked/still works, ignore the trash and unfinished construction, and go up the stairs to the third floor. There are a few offices in the hallway. One guy spoke okay English and the rest spoke Russian. Once you get a ticket and pay, keep calling them every day to check when the ferry will actually leave. Expect long delays and 12+ hours to load and unload. We waited for 3 days.

Phone: +995 591 04 60 60 Tamar (speaks good Russian, I'm not sure about English, has Whatsapp but probably won't reply unless you call)

Price [May 2024]: €600 for small campervan and driver, €200 for passenger

Office location:

Port & customs entrance:
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