Renting a RV/camper van in Almaty?

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Renting a RV/camper van in Almaty?

Post by charlotlot »

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and I (Dutch) are planning to travel in Kazakhstan in May. We want to take a roadtrip from Almaty to the Singing Dunes, Charyn Canyon, Lake Kolsai, etc.

Do any of you know good places to rent a RV or a camper van? Is it even possible?

Thank you,
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Re: Renting a RV/camper van in Almaty?

Post by Lovetheworld »

I don't know if this is possible. But if you don't succeed you can always try to rent a Japanese van like Toyota Hiace (Super custom) or Granvia, 7 or 8 seater. (and they come with 4wd a lot of times)
Depending on which type it is, they have rear seats that can fold into a bed. And you can rearrange the seats because they can slide and turn, and some fold forward to form a basic table. You will have to check this though, so you don't get disappointed with a version that only has fixed chairs.
This way you have a nice van that allows you to sleep, and you just buy some cassette burner or something, so you can cook with these exchangable gas patterns. For water I would just buy the 10L or 5L bottles from the shops. This should be enough for several weeks.
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Re: Renting a RV/camper van in Almaty?

Post by steven »

A friend of ours tried to start such a business. It would have been a first for Kazakhstan. She didn't follow through in the end. Too bad, because I think the potential is there.

So for now, no options yet as far as I can see.
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